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Skyrtka poczt. 153
U1. Targowa 73
00-987, Warsaw
Skyrtka poczt. 153
U1. Targowa 73
00-987, Warsaw




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Paul Sock Prayer Letter: Unexpected Guests

Paul Sock Prayer Letter:  Unexpected GuestsThe summer was busy and exciting, as several people came to Poland whom we did not know were coming. A brother who goes around the world reaching Jews was in Poland to work in a sports camp. It was nice that he had to fly into Warsaw and spend a few days here before and after he went to the camp in Southern Poland. The missionary brother and his wife wanted to visit some Jewish sites, so we took them one day to Treblinka, a former concentration camp. It was about 1½ hours’ drive from where we live. It was very nice having a good couple to spend the day with.

The missionary and I talked to a Jewish Rabbi who was traveling with a tour group of Jews visiting at the memorial. It was a very interesting conversation regarding the missing chapter of Isaiah 53, which they don’t have. We also got to witness to a Catholic Australian family that was visiting the memorial. They listened intently. There are not many Jews still living in Poland since WWII, but there are large groups that come to Poland to visit the Jewish memorials. We saw some of them and gave out tracts and Bibles to them.

Another visitor was a young man who came from California. He was a student at West Coast Baptist College. He was also Polish by heritage. He and his father were here to do some business in Poland. He came to our church here in Warsaw for our Thursday evening Bible study. It was exciting to him to see a Baptist church in his country of heritage. He told me he plans to become a pastor.

There were many opportunities where I gave people tracts and witnessed to them as I did business. I went to a business to have my computer worked on, and I got to witness to the man working there. I also talked to a worker in the bank and a man at a health food store. They got to hear the Gospel message, but they did not want to accept the Lord. Pray for those who have heard the Word but have not opened their hearts.

Jolie’s health has improved greatly. Please continue to pray for good health for both of us. Pray about a missionary who wants to come help us here in Poland. The missionary is from Mexico. He is planning to visit in the month of December and possibly bring his wife and two daughters for a whole month. Pray that we will be able to have a special Christmas ministry, with the help of this family, and pray that we will work well together. The man and his wife don’t speak much English or Polish; they only speak Spanish. Their daughters speak English. Since we do not speak Spanish, it is a little challenging to communicate with them.

We are encouraged as we see our church body growing stronger in unity, doctrine, and growth. Thank you for your cards, notes of kindness, and thoughtfulness of our special occasions. We appreciate all your prayers and for allowing us to work here in Poland as you serve the Lord there in your area.

More than conquerors,

Paul Sock

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