Team Thailand Update:  New Church PlantJanuary and February were exciting months, as we had special Sundays and saw the Lord do some amazing things. Cowboy Sunday was the third Sunday of January. We promoted this Sunday to celebrate the holiday Children’s Day. Special activities were planned, hot dogs and ice cream were served, and horses were rented for the children to ride. Many new families and children from the community came because of our visiting and passing out flyers in the weeks prior. We rejoiced in the 20 young people who received Jesus into their hearts!

Our church members are excited about our Building Fund for land. We have seen an increase in giving since the launch of our program for land in November. Folks are giving sacrificially, and we are thrilled to see what the Lord will do. Several individuals and one church from America have also given toward our building fund. We are out of room in our current situation. We will buy land to build church facilities, a Bible college, and to relocate our existing language school. We need to raise $500,000 to purchase 5 rai of land. Over $50,000 has been raise already. Praise the Lord! Would you please continue to pray with us regarding this great need?

The church’s Thai adult Sunday school class, taught by Assistant Pastor Adjan Sakrapee, has grown in number and spiritual maturity under his leading. His class is averaging over 35 each week. Several of the adults in his class are responsible for bringing dozens of people to church each week from their neighborhoods. We planned a special activity with the adult Thai class to Safari World in Bangkok. Most of the people who came had never taken a holiday trip away from their homes. A tour bus was rented, and we had 30 adults and 5 children enjoy the day together. It was a very special time of fellowship and getting to know each other. There is nothing like spending time with the family of God.

The team will be starting a new church plant Sunday evening, March 5, in the city of Nong Plap, which is about 40 minutes from our church. We have church members who drive from this area every Sunday to attend our church. We have been canvasing the area with the Gospel and information about the new church for the past month. Please pray with us, as Pastor Randy Shook will be preaching. Assistant Pastor Sakrapee Jomhong and Khun Star, one of our young men who is training for the ministry, will be working with Brother Shook in teaching and translating.
God is doing great things! We are seeing our members bringing visitors each week and leading their friends and neighbors to the Lord. Each week folks are getting saved, baptized, and added to the church. We need more families who are willing to come and serve with the team, as we plan to teach and train our people and start churches in the surrounding areas. Please continue to pray for the Inman family as they continue to travel on deputation. We look forward to their quick return! Thank you for your prayers and faithful support.

Tim Shook & Team Thailand