Team Ghana Update:  Vacation Bible School

One of 19 VBS Classes

One of 19 VBS Classes

Vacation Bible School

Bro. Osgood and his assistant, Stephen Opoku, planned and organized our church’s Vacation Bible School for this year. Many children who live within walking distance from our church but who attend other churches on Sunday were able to come and hear the Gospel at our church several times during our VBS. Over 500 children were in attendance each day. At least 66 children made professions of faith during our VBS.

A Church Revived

Pastor Isaac Kwaw is one of our recent college graduates. This past weekend he took about 15 of his Obuasi church members to the village of Andansi Medoma. There was a Baptist church in that village, but it had closed its doors. Pastor Kwaw and his church set out to revive the work there. Andansi Medoma happens to be the home village of our staff member Isaac Otu. Pastor Kwaw invited Brother Isaac to preach for the re-opening service of this church. Fifteen adults and 10 children from the village attended the service; 17 of them made professions of faith. For now, Pastor Kwaw will send someone from his church each Sunday to preach for this revitalized congregation.

Brother David Sarabia with Mr. and Mrs. Oppong, a deaf couple, and their children

Brother David Sarabia with Mr. and Mrs. Oppong, a deaf couple, and their children

Ministry to the Deaf

In February 2014, Missionary Rocky Hall’s survey trip to Ghana sparked a great interest in the deaf among our church members, as well as an interest in our church among the deaf here in Ghana. My wife started translating for the deaf who would come. As our family was planning to be in the States most of May and June, we did not know what would happen to the precious deaf folks who had started coming so faithfully.

But in my wife’s absence, a Liberian young lady on our staff, Alice Saye, has been translating for the services. Brother Dave Sarabia had a burden for the deaf and started teaching their Sunday school class. On a recent Sunday night, Brother Dave had one of his deaf converts get baptized.

I am very anxious for the day that the Rocky Hall family will have raised enough support to join us and take this ministry to the next level.

Team Family Prayer Letter

Our family is looking forward to returning home to Ghana in just a few weeks. Please pray that God keeps us safe as we travel and that we can be a blessing to the churches we visit. In addition to reading our team update each month, I hope you regularly take time to read one of our team family prayer letters. The prayer letter being featured this month is from the Sarver family.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

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