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Baraka Birthday 10/18
Melanie Birthday 09/12
Baraka and Melanie Wedding Anniversary 07/22
Baraka, Jr. Birthday 12/17
Malachi Birthday 08/25
Tyler Birthday 06/30
Marissa Birthday 01/10

Baraka Hall
I was born hearing in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of 3½, I contracted spinal meningitis and from that
became Deaf. I lost all communication with my family and felt very isolated. As a result, my behavior,
as you can imagine, was horrible. At the age of 11, my friend was talking about church. I wanted to go
to this Deaf church to be with my friends. So I gave him my address, which he then gave to his bus
captain. That Sunday I was on my way to the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. After
misbehaving on the bus ride home, a lady worker called me to the front of the bus and shared the Gospel
with me. I remember that day receiving hope as I accepted Christ as my Saviour.
During camp at the age of 12, I felt God was calling me to preach. I surrendered to His will and went
forward. It wasn’t until high school that I really struggled with this decision. You see, I played football
all four years. I was an all-star captain at a 6A school. I had many college scholarship offers. The
University of Florida, the Gators, came to my school to recruit me. I really wrestled with this decision.
A godly man came to me and offered his advice. He said if I went to play for the Gators, I might end up
messing up my life; who knows? He continued by saying that if I went to Bible college, I could serve God.
That struck me—serving God! I put aside all my scholarships and decided to go to Hyles-Anderson
It was my second year at college, during a Missions-Emphasis Week, that God began tugging on my heart
to be a missionary. I really didn’t want to leave the comforts that I had here in America. However, I told
God I would go. I knew God wanted me to go to Africa, but it wasn’t until we had our annual Pastors’
School when the Ghana Team was launched that God revealed it to me. He struck my heart and said,
“That’s where I want you to go.”
On my survey trip to Ghana, He confirmed that calling. I traveled with a veteran international missionary
to the Deaf. He told me to pray that God would show us some Deaf, because not always do you get to
meet them while traveling. On my two-week survey trip, I met over 700 Deaf people. I met Deaf people
every day. God showed me His ministry for me.

Melanie Hall
I started attending church at the age of four as a bus kid. I recall hearing the Gospel multiple times in
Sunday school, Junior Church, and Vacation Bible School. Each time it was presented, I raised my hand
and prayed to make sure I had a home in Heaven. Finally, in third grade my Sunday school teacher at
Community Baptist Church of Andalusia, Illinois, made it clear to me that I could never be good enough
to earn salvation and I could never do anything to lose it. I understood that gift was Jesus, and He alone
had the power to save me. That day I put my faith in Him, and it has been settled in my heart ever since.
I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. My parents are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and were, at that
time, very heavy drug addicts. My sisters and I were left to our own doings and were never disciplined.
We were our teachers’ worst nightmares. Oftentimes, after sharing my testimony, people have accused
me of being the poster child for “Jesus saves.” However, it was different at church. It was a place of
refuge. I remember going to church to feel loved and accepted.
I thank God for a youth pastor and his family who invested in me. I started going soul winning at the age
of 13. My youth pastor and his family would invite me to their home every weekend so that I would be
able to work on the bus route with them. They took time to disciple me and show me what a Christian
family looked like. They would bring me into their home to eat and fellowship with the missionary family
they were hosting. It was at our missions conference that I surrendered to be a missionary. I laugh now,
because I told God, “Anywhere but Africa!”
In high school I had a strong desire to attend our Christian school. However, because of my parents’
addictions, they could not afford food, much less a Christian education. At the age of 15, I moved in with
my aunt and got a job cleaning empty apartments and the complexes to pay for school. I am so thankful
that God gave me this opportunity. I know, without a doubt, that had I not made this change, I would
have never attended Hyles-Anderson College.

Our desire is to work with Fundamental Baptist Church International in Ghana, West Africa, to plant a
Deaf church. We want to see Deaf people saved and train them to become soul winners. In addition,
we have a strong burden to reach their hearing families for Christ. This will be most effective through
the ministries of our Ghana Team. Our vision is to train the Deaf and either send them to plant a Deaf
church or to work with regional pastors and establish Deaf Ministries to coincide with ministries of the
regional pastors.
Crossroads Baptist Church


5811 Hoffmans Lane
Bailey’s Crossroads, VA 22041


Information Packet


849 Indiana Street,
Hammond, IN 46320




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #6117.



Baraka Hall Prayer Letter: Hope Fundamental Baptist Church of the Deaf

Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  Hope Fundamental Baptist Church of the DeafWe thank God for the opportunity to serve Him, and time definitely flies when you are having fun! God blessed us with many opportunities to share the Gospel with the Deaf these last few months. Please continue to pray with us that these babes in Christ will continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour.

I want to highlight a few testimonies. My wife had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Janet at the beginning of July. Janet since has been very faithful, despite her circumstances, to Sunday services, Ladies’ Bible Study, and discipleship lessons with my wife. She is memorizing the Bible and has a zeal to learn about God. When my wife sat down next to Emmanuel, a young man who is able to come during vacation from school, Janet and Kwame (the young man I’ve been discipling) both pulled up a chair and were assisting my wife with verses they had memorized and were interpreting them into Ghanaian Sign Language. That day Emmanuel trusted Christ alone for salvation. All praise be to God!!!

I was able to share the Gospel with a young man named Bernard. Bernard travels all the way from Accra, a five-hour bus ride, to come to church when he has the money. He has come many times, bringing people he knows from the Kumasi area (Janet being one of them). I had a hard time trying to schedule a meeting with him because he is often here and then gone back to Accra for work. On one of his trips, he had a large amount of money stolen from him that left him stuck in Kumasi. Not thankful for his situation but certainly thankful for the opportunity to share the Gospel with him, Bernard put his faith in Christ for salvation . . . and, yes, we helped him return to Accra for work.

We were able to get a sign up for Hope Baptist Church for the Deaf. Unfortunately, we learned that we could not use that name due to the church-name registration process here. If we use a name that has already been registered, then we could be sued and fined. Praise God that we had only one sign made and not all the materials that we had planned. We are now registered as Hope Fundamental Baptist Church of the Deaf.

Please don’t stop praying for us! God is blessing, and we want that to continue. Please pray for wisdom in teaching these precious souls. Pray for wisdom in purchasing a vehicle, and pray for our health and strength.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family


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