Team Ghana Update:  Missions Trip to Burkina Faso

Short-term Missionaries to Burkina Faso

Short-term missionaries to Burkina Faso

At the end of March, we sent several men from our church on a short missions trip to Burkina Faso. We really appreciate Brother Tim Pledger of Middleburg, Florida, for working with us to coordinate this trip. Also, Adewale Adesina (on right in picture) from Brother Mark Holmes’ ministry in Nigeria accompanied the men for part of their trip. Here are some brief testimonies from several of our men:

Isaac Otu

“I sat next to Mr. Francis on the bus from Ghana to Burkina Faso. During the 14-hour bus trip, I witnessed to Mr. Francis, and he trusted Jesus Christ as his Saviour. He even allowed us to use his phone to call Pastor Babou Bamouni

[the pastor in Burkina Faso with whom our men worked] when we arrived in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

“I had the privilege to preach for a church service on Wednesday night. I was impressed that nearly all of them had pen and paper and Bibles and were ready to write something down during the preaching. Then, on Thursday, 26 March, we went to a certain village to show the JESUS film. After the film, I preached about salvation, and many people indicated their decision to trust Christ as their personal Saviour.

“Many there do not know the truth, but they are anxious to hear it. Burkina Faso needs soul winners who speak French and more [the local languages]. Few people who know the truth are preaching it to their neighbors.”

Otchere Boachie

“I found a boy named François in his house doing some washing. I made my introduction to him, and he was very happy to have me preach the Gospel. Fortunately, he spoke English a little bit. I witnessed to him, and he understood the Gospel and trusted Christ. This boy was very happy to have a Ghanaian preaching to him the truth.

“Wherever God wants to send you as a missionary, you must be prepared for their language, and go by faith. Burkina Faso needs more laborers who will tell the truth. For me the most difficult challenge during the trip was the language barrier; the second most difficult part of the trip was the different food.”

Kingsley Addai Gyasi

“The last person I preached to was a young guy who had been in Ghana before, and he spoke Ghana’s local language, Twi. He spoke French and English as well. After he made a profession of faith, he thanked me for preaching the Gospel to him. He told me that since he was born, he had not heard such a message, even in church. He said that he will also preach the truth he had heard to others. Praise God!”

Team Family Prayer Letter

This month’s family prayer letter is from the Hall family. Thank you for your prayers for our team families and the work in Ghana. By the way, more pictures from the Burkina Faso missions trip are available at

Sakyi works with translator to make the Gospel clear

Sakyi works with a translator to make the Gospel clear.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

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