Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  High Five, God!UPDATE

Earlier this month we received a message from Pastor Winkle of Bible Baptist Church of Rendon, Texas. While we were there back in September, we had an opportunity to go out soul winning. My wife was able to lead a young mother to Christ. We are so thankful for churches that water and care for the seeds we are able to plant. Pastor Winkle informed us that her children have been attending faithfully, and her son and brother have put their faith in Christ alone. High five, God! “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase.” (I Corinthians 3:6)


In January I rejoiced as I had the opportunity to present the Gospel to a Deaf young lady. This was the first time that she had “heard” the truth in her own language. She had recently been visited several times by people who knew sign language and had taught her of a work-based salvation. After explaining that Jesus did all the work for her, she did, in fact, ask Christ to save her from her sins. Our prayer remains that she will be able to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She reminded me of the Deaf in Ghana who are bombarded with a work-based salvation and so desperately need to “hear” the truth.

In February we were able to present our ministry at Brodhead Baptist Church in Brodhead, Wisconsin. As we pulled up to the parking lot, we received a text from Pastor Wallace of Central Coast Baptist Church in Salinas, California, letting us know that their church had voted to partner with us. That evening we had an amazing time with Pastor Middleton and his folks there in Brodhead. Later that week Pastor Middleton emailed us, informing us that they, too, would be partnering with us. To God be the glory! High five, God!


Again, I ask you to please continue to pray for more meetings. As you can imagine, there are many communication hurdles while trying to schedule. Thank you to all who have helped us jump these hurdles. Please, if you are aware of any opportunities, email me at

Your co-laborers for the cause of Christ,

The Hall Family