Team Ghana Update: Meet 7 From Our Deaf DepartmentFor this month’s update, I asked my wife Elizabeth to write about several deaf persons who have been attending our church faithfully:

  • Akwasi is 24 years old and has been deaf since he was 7 when an illness stole his hearing. He has completed school and works as a cook and server at a food stand.  Because his work allows him to interact with people, he has brought many deaf to our church. Akwasi comes to every church service, soul-winning meeting, prayer meeting, and every other church activity.
  • Kwame was 3 when he lost his hearing due to an illness. He is now 29 and has completed secondary school.  He is one of the easiest deaf persons that I have talked with because his education is good and his signs are distinct.  Kwame comes from a Church of Christ background, but he has very openly expressed his questions about the difference between what we teach and what his family’s church teaches.  I have hope that he now understands the Gospel and has accepted salvation in recent weeks.
  • Stephen has a fun personality. He loves to joke. He also pays very good attention during the preaching. Akwasi introduced him to our church.  Stephen was 5 when he became deaf.  He spends his days as a painter.  Stephen accepted salvation very soon after he began attending our church.
  • Ama was born deaf. She started coming to our church several weeks ago.  I witnessed to her, and I believe she accepted salvation.  She has done some schooling, but her education is incomplete because her family could not afford to continue to pay.  Ama is 34 years old and works cooking and selling food.
  • Alberta is sweet and full of conversation, but is unschooled. She has much to say, but I do not understand most of what she tries to say because she uses her voice and a lot of hand waving, but nothing that makes sense.  We try to teach her, and she copies our actions well, but the understanding is not there.  Please pray for her to be saved.
  • Mavis is 22. She has been deaf since she was 3. She works as a seamstress apprentice.  She is a sweet, outgoing, social person.  I was privileged to lead her to Christ almost a year ago.
Deaf Choir

Deaf choir sings with the church choir, both of FBCI in Kumasi, during a conference

According to Elizabeth, our biggest need (and her biggest prayer) in reaching these precious deaf people in Ghana is good communication.  Getting the Hall family here would help with that tremendously.  Their family is currently raising support so that they can join us as soon as possible.  Pastors, I hope you will consider inviting them for a meeting at your church if you have not done so already.  I believe the Hall family to be worthy of your investment.

Thank you once again for supporting the work here in Ghana!

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer

Team Leader