Team Ghana Update: May the Word Have Free CourseFor this month’s update, I wanted to share with you a testimony from Rexford Aning. He was reached by our church. He attended our Bible college and graduated with his bachelor’s degree in June 2012 and with his master’s degree in February of this year. He started a church in the village of Fiapre in the metropolitan area of Sunyani, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana.

We have been praying for the Word of God to have free course in our area. And at the same time, we have been busy working hard with the Gospel message. Today I can boldly say the Word of God is having free course here in Sunyani. God has answered this prayer by leading me to some people who today are soul winners in our church. God first led me to Peter Acheampong and Kwarteng Yaw. They became soul winners just a few weeks after getting saved because I took them with me almost every time I went out soul winning.

Peter is uneducated, yet he has memorized a lot of soul-winning verses. When he comes across people who can read, he gives them the Bible to read those verses, and then he will explain them. Peter has brought Dorcas, Patience, Seedof, Kwame, Blessing, and others to church. Dorcas herself has also brought a visitor to our Children’s Department, who has become faithful to church as well.

The Lord led me to others who are soul winners today, like Alex Addai, Victoria Anderson, Priscilla Yeboah, Dominic Amankwaa, Prince Quansah, Twumasi Emmanuel, Shadrack Asumang, and Bismarck Oduro. Last year, Victoria Anderson [on right in picture] witnessed to her classmate, Barekisu Fuseini [on left in picture], who was a Muslim. After hearing the message, Barekisu trusted Christ and began coming to our church faithfully. Her mother and others have tried to stop her, yet Barekisu still comes to church. Victoria got convicted after I started teaching on discipleship, so she began to disciple Barekisu. As a result, Barekisu goes out soul winning with us every weekend. Two weeks ago, Barekisu brought three visitors to church. Also, Victoria brought Atta Afari to church about a month ago. Atta has been faithful to church since then. And two weeks ago, Atta also invited Felix to come with him to Wednesday Bible studies. Yesterday, Atta came to church once again with Felix, who told me last night that he will start coming on Sundays too. With these stories and more, I can testify that the Word of God is having free course here in Sunyani.

Team Family Update

This month’s team family update is from the Sarvers. Please take time to read their prayer letter this month, and keep them and all of our team families in your prayers.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

Convert Barekisu with Soul Winner Victoria

Convert Barekisu with Soul Winner Victoria