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Mike Birthday 03/03
Maria Birthday 02/04
Mike & Maria Wedding Anniversary 06/28
John Birthday 07/06/05
Joy Birthday 11/04/09
Faith Maria Birthday 11/20/13
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Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Bible College Soul-Winning Testimonies

Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Bible College Soul-Winning TestimoniesWe pray often for God to send laborers into His harvest. We pray specifically for God to send us the right Bible college students to train. Two of our recent team updates are about our privilege to train a second generation of believers here in Ghana – some of those reached by our Bible college graduates. If you are interested in reading these updates, you can find them at tinyurl.com/2ndGenNov17. Also this month, please let me share with you some reports from several of our current students:

Olawale Olowolaju: Michael Ayine is from a Muslim background. I witnessed to him, and he got saved. He came to church and got baptized and has been very faithful ever since. Praise the Lord!
Dominic Somuah: Three converts in one household all said, “We are satisfied because now we understand the true Gospel.”
James Adjabeng: A few months ago, I witnessed to Patience Serwaah. She trusted Jesus Christ alone for her salvation, and she started coming to church and got baptized. She is passionate about souls. She witnessed to one of her coworkers and brought her to church. Patience also went to her hometown for a family funeral and preached the Gospel to her father, her mother, and some other family members.
Isaac Owusu Ansah: I thank God for the life of my new convert Osei at Konongo-Obenimasi. Osei accepted the Gospel, and now he is preaching the same Gospel to the lost. He preached to his friend Ben, who was a Seventh-Day Adventist but is now saved. Glory to God!
Bismark Oduro Mensah: I witnessed to a 90-year-old woman and her 73-year-old son. Thank God, they both accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. They received the Word happily.
• Stephen Asamoah: When I met Debora, a student of Presbyterian University, I asked her if she was sure she would go to Heaven if she would die. She wasn’t sure of herself. So I witnessed to her, and she accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour.
Francis Osei Tutu: Madam Margaret is a shopkeeper in Bronikrom. Richard Osei [another college student] and I witnessed to her, and she accepted Christ. She asked, “How will people who can’t read get saved?” I told her it is our job to share the truth with them like I shared the truth with her. She was very happy.
Julius Bartuah: I took tracts with me when I took a bus to visit my sister in school at Cape Coast. One guy with whom I shared a tract later called me and asked, “Is everything written in the tract true?” I said, “Yes.” After some further explanation, he accepted Christ.

Our family is doing well. Keep on praying for us. We are looking forward to the extra things we get to do for others during this holiday season. Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver

Olawale (right) with convert Michael

Olawale (right) with convert Michael

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