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Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Help Dennis Walk Again

Mike Sarver Prayer Letter: Help Dennis Walk AgainBack-to-Back

Since I started teaching the Common Faith Sunday School Class in July 2010, we have had 10 days with over 100 adults in attendance. I thank the Lord that 5 of these “big days” have been within the past 6 months. Also, we had our first back-to-back 100+ days on March 25 and April 1 of this year. This is God’s blessing upon the efforts of class members, the leadership of Pastor Speer, and your prayers and support.

Knocking Down the Wall

Our Common Faith Sunday School Class was meeting in a classroom that seats 70 comfortably and 90+ if packed to the limit. But due to the growth in the past year, we had to knock down the wall in between our classroom and the one next door to expand our classroom. That was an exciting time. When the job was complete, a dozen of our class members came to help clean our newly expanded classroom in preparation for class the next day.

Visitor Program

March was our church’s Spring Program. Each week we provided a small gift for both first-time visitors and the person who brought them. Our prizes were New Testaments, bumper stickers, canned mackerel, and rice. Our class was blessed with 50 first-time adult visitors.

• Patrice Asante drove his motorcycle up to a kiosk where I was buying water. He was there to sell pre-paid phone cards to the shop owner. I invited him to church; he came the next day and has not missed a Sunday since. That first Sunday, I taught the class about salvation. After church I asked Patrice if he knew for sure he was going to Heaven. He said, “Yes.” I asked, “Why?” and he gave the right answer. I asked him where he had learned that truth, and he said, “While you were teaching this morning.” Amen!

• I invited Samuel Amponsah to church; he came and brought his brother Francis and mother Safia to our class. All three have been saved, and Samuel has been baptized. I went to their house the following Saturday, and I was able to win Samuel’s father Dennis to Christ. A couple of weeks later, I visited their house again and learned that Dennis had been hurt the day before in a mining accident, which paralyzed him from the waist down.

As of the writing of this update, Dennis is still in the hospital awaiting surgery. The family is still trying to raise the nearly $4,000 needed for the surgery that would allow Dennis to walk again. His precious wife Safia has been caring for her husband daily. The financial need is so great that I started a GoFundMe on their behalf: GoFundMe.com/HelpDennisWalkAgain. (Please consider sharing this link on Facebook/Twitter.) We cannot meet every need, but we can do something, and I believe this family is deserving. Please pray for God to provide this family’s need.

Thank you for believing in us!

Mike, Maria, John, Joy, Faith, and Ben Sarver

Sunday School Wall Coming Down

Sunday School Wall Coming Down


Patrice Asante with Missionary Mike Sarver

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