Team Ghana Update:  The Air ForceWe are still praising the Lord for a wonderful Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, which we reported on last month. This month we share with you another testimony from someone reached by our church.

Eric Amponsah’s Testimony

About seven years ago, I walked into the compound of the Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa seeking admission. I was introduced to a college student named Moses Amankwah. He asked where I believed I would spend eternity when I died. I told him I would go to Heaven because I was a good and righteous child of God. He showed me from the Word of God that I was wrong and preached to me the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I immediately accepted the truth, and I saw it as a commission to preach that same message to others. I was baptized there and started attending Fundamental Baptist Church International.

After salvation, I traveled to my girlfriend Millicent’s hometown to preach the Gospel to her. She accepted the truth, was baptized, and started attending FBCI with me. Pastor Speer performed our wedding on 3 June 2012, and God has blessed our home with two beautiful children, Erica and Theo. I plan to serve the Lord with all that I have for the rest of my life.

The Air Force

I am very happy to announce that I just hired Eric Amponsah to work in our newest church ministries. We recently began what we are calling our “Air Force.” These ministries allow us to get the Gospel out over the air waves through radio, television, and local, public-address systems.

Two months ago we helped one of our pastors, Rexford Aning, acquire a weekly opportunity to preach on the radio. Rexford was reached and trained by our church. He is reaching out to thousands weekly through this medium.

Furthermore, we began preaching at our local information center in our community here in Kumasi about one month ago. We preach three times each week, and we already have a convert faithfully attending church from this ministry.

I am most excited about our upcoming Television Ministry. We are going to be preaching weekly on satellite television to millions of potential converts. This program will reach out to all of Ghana and to some other West African countries as well. There is much to be done! Please pray, as we are currently raising funds to purchase airtime and equipment. Eric is spearheading this endeavor, and God is using his background and expertise to help make this ministry a reality. If you would like to donate specifically to this cause, please contact me at

Also, the Christiansen family is our team family in focus this month. Micah Christiansen heads up our Christian school; our school year started very well! Also, his wife Abbie is expecting and will deliver their first child sometime in October! Please take time to read his prayer letter and pray for this good family.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

Eric and Millicent Amponsah

Eric and Millicent Amponsah