Tim Simmons Prayer Letter:  First Time Presenting!Kickoff! Nearly 11½ years ago as a 15-year-old, I surrendered to go to the mission field. A lot has transpired in my life since that moment to bring me to where I am today. When I surrendered to be a missionary, I had no idea the steps to take to make that a reality. It’s amazing how the Lord has led me to this point!

We were able to officially kick off deputation on March 17 at the missions conference of our sending church, Faith Baptist Church of Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The theme of the conference was “So Little Time.” Scotty Drake, the founder of H.E.L.P. Ministries, was the speaker. A lot of emphasis was given to the fact that we really do only have a short amount of time on this earth to serve Christ; we must serve Him while we have time. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and love of the people at Faith Baptist and then the next week at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.

Salvations! On April 7, I had a cold, but I knew I should still try to go soul winning. I went out with a man from our church. The very first door we knocked on, I met Valeria. She said she attended a church but didn’t know if she would go to Heaven. She said I could show her how, but she only had five or ten minutes. I said I would do my best to keep it within that time, unless she had questions. Well, she had a question: “What about people who are good; don’t they go to Heaven?” I took the time to explain biblically that nobody is good enough to go to Heaven. A few minutes later, she prayed to trust in Jesus to take her to Heaven! I apologized that my voice was a little hoarse and that it took longer than ten minutes. I jokingly told her, “You did ask a question!” I asked if I could bring a Spanish-speaking friend by to explain what I had just showed her to her grandma, who only spoke Spanish. She said she would like that. On the next block, Jesus was also saved! Praise God! I’m thankful I went out soul sinning that day, even though I didn’t feel like it.

Spanish Revival: My wife and I help with the music in the Spanish Ministry of our church. I lead the music, and she plays the piano. On April 29, we had our Spanish revival. My wife had met a lady out soul winning the previous Monday who came for the first time that day! A lady from our church, my wife, and I sang “To Rescue a Sinner Like Me.” I’m thankful Jesus came down to earth to die on the Cross for a sinner like me! Evangelist Calvin Allen preached the revival. He preached from Philippians 4 about the church working together for the cause of Christ.

For souls,

Tim Simmons

Prayer Requests

  • To fill our schedule with meetings
  • Wisdom to know when to go on deputation full-time
  • Evan’s one-time surgery on June 8th to go well