Team Ghana Update:  5th Anniversary for Fundamental Baptist of FiapreRecently I had the privilege to be with our graduate, Pastor Rexford Aning, for his church’s 5th Anniversary. Pastor Rexford is doing exactly what we trained him to do, and God is blessing his work in a wonderful way.

5th Anniversary

Pastor Rexford shares this testimony: I encouraged our church members to work hard at getting their family and loved ones to come for our anniversary. We invited Dr. Ted Speer to preach. The Lord gave us 141 visitors, many of whom trusted Christ. One of these got baptized the following Sunday. Also, one of the visitors was Mr. Yeboah, the father of our church member Priscilla. We had been praying for him for a long time. He told us that he will keep coming to our church. More pictures of this great day are available at

The Power of Radio

Another exciting part of Pastor Rexford’s ministry is his new radio outreach. Pastor Rexford writes: We thank God for answering our prayers by opening that door for us to preach on the radio on a weekly basis! In just three short months of being on the radio every Saturday morning, God has blessed with some amazing results:

• A young man from Sankore recently asked that we come and start a church there because he is tired of hearing lies all the time. Sankore is about three-hour’s drive from Sunyani.
• Also, we had an evangelist Alex, his wife Monica, and his two children visit our church three weeks ago from Ntotroso. Ntotroso is just over one hour from Sunyani. That day I was able to win him to Christ.
• I have personally had many people come to me for counseling as a result of this ministry.
• I visited a group recently at Odumase, a suburb of Sunyani, only to find out that they have been listening as a group every Saturday with excitement.
• We have also had many others who call on the radio to let us know that they listen every week in their villages. God has really been glorified through our radio program.

Sponsors Needed

We thank the Lord for providing the funds to launch this Radio Ministry in the Brong Ahafo Region. The typical cost of one hour of airtime per week in the city is about $350 each month. If you are interested in investing in Radio Ministries such as Pastor Rexford’s, please contact me at

Team Family

Our team family-in-focus this month is the Baraka Hall family. Please take time to read their most recent letter, and pray for them as they minister to the deaf here in Ghana.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader