Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  Hope Fundamental Baptist Church of the DeafWe thank God for the opportunity to serve Him, and time definitely flies when you are having fun! God blessed us with many opportunities to share the Gospel with the Deaf these last few months. Please continue to pray with us that these babes in Christ will continue to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour.

I want to highlight a few testimonies. My wife had the opportunity to share the Gospel with Janet at the beginning of July. Janet since has been very faithful, despite her circumstances, to Sunday services, Ladies’ Bible Study, and discipleship lessons with my wife. She is memorizing the Bible and has a zeal to learn about God. When my wife sat down next to Emmanuel, a young man who is able to come during vacation from school, Janet and Kwame (the young man I’ve been discipling) both pulled up a chair and were assisting my wife with verses they had memorized and were interpreting them into Ghanaian Sign Language. That day Emmanuel trusted Christ alone for salvation. All praise be to God!!!

I was able to share the Gospel with a young man named Bernard. Bernard travels all the way from Accra, a five-hour bus ride, to come to church when he has the money. He has come many times, bringing people he knows from the Kumasi area (Janet being one of them). I had a hard time trying to schedule a meeting with him because he is often here and then gone back to Accra for work. On one of his trips, he had a large amount of money stolen from him that left him stuck in Kumasi. Not thankful for his situation but certainly thankful for the opportunity to share the Gospel with him, Bernard put his faith in Christ for salvation . . . and, yes, we helped him return to Accra for work.

We were able to get a sign up for Hope Baptist Church for the Deaf. Unfortunately, we learned that we could not use that name due to the church-name registration process here. If we use a name that has already been registered, then we could be sued and fined. Praise God that we had only one sign made and not all the materials that we had planned. We are now registered as Hope Fundamental Baptist Church of the Deaf.

Please don’t stop praying for us! God is blessing, and we want that to continue. Please pray for wisdom in teaching these precious souls. Pray for wisdom in purchasing a vehicle, and pray for our health and strength.

Your co-laborers for Christ,

The Hall Family