Ted Speer Prayer Letter:  A Visit With Pastor RexfordA Visit to a Daughter Church

I was excited to visit recently with Pastor Rexford Aning. Rexford is one of our graduates and a pastor of one of our daughter churches. Recently half of the church building they are renting was torn down by the local authorities, but our church is currently raising money to help them build their own building. The young man in the picture to the left is a new convert and a trained soul winner. He is pictured with Pastor Rexford and his dad. I had the privilege to witness to his father.


Eric and I have been discipling a married couple every Saturday afternoon. Their names are Kwadwo and Ama. They became faithful members after their daughter asked me to come and witness to her father. Amen! Their son Isaac has gotten really involved in church and is a key helper on one of our bus routes.

Deaf Ministry

I am so pleased with my wife, who has taken on the challenge of ministering to the deaf in our church. She has learned to sign and serves as a translator for our services. Akwasi, one of our deaf members, went soul winning recently with Noah, one of our teenagers. Noah had asked Akwasi to visit a deaf man with him. We have had several deaf visitors in church recently! I am so pleased with my wife’s willingness to serve them. Furthermore, my whole family is memorizing Scripture each week in sign language. Please pray for the Baraka Hall family, as they are on deputation to join us as missionaries to the deaf in Ghana.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer