Roberto Tirado Prayer Letter:  God's Blessings on Our Church's 9th AnniversaryPRAISE

“I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD.” (Psalm 122:1) What gladness we as Christians should feel when we go to the house of the LORD! Our church celebrated its ninth anniversary services May 9-12, and God’s hand was evident in each one of our services. This year we invited three Dominican Baptist preachers to preach our anniversary services, and each one was greatly used of God. Angela and Elisabeth prepared specials for Thursday and Friday evenings, our children’s choir blessed us with a special song in our Sunday morning service, and Angela sang a hymn honoring the Trinity in our last service. Six precious souls received Christ as their personal Saviour, and two children got the assurance of their salvation! We thank our heavenly Father, our precious Saviour, and the power of the Holy Spirit for blessing our church’s ninth anniversary services.


The Dominican Republic needs your prayers for rain. The country is experiencing a drought that has resulted in loss of cattle and affected some of the crops. There is also a shortage of water for use in homes. We have had to purchase five water trucks so far to fill our cistern.

Please continue to pray for Luis’s recovery from his stroke last summer. His health since has been delicate. Luis has come to several services lately with Luchi, his wife. Please also pray for his salvation and their adult son’s salvation.

Please pray for Maria. She is an adult lady who received Christ during our anniversary service and returned for our Sunday night service.

Pray for our Vacation Bible School in mid-July. Please pray for visitors, souls to be saved, and a fun experience for the children.


We rejoice in the Lord for His daily provisions, both in our ministry and in our personal lives. This month another church we visited last fall voted unanimously to support us. Thanks to the Lord and His faithful people, we can minister to the lost souls here in the Dominican Republic and help establish His children in their faith.

For souls,

Roberto Tirado