thumbnail of Robert Wilson Feb-Mar 2022 Prayer LetterWe invite you to rejoice with us in the blessings of God upon our ministry. Since our last letter, hundreds have been saved in our various ministries, dozens have made a public profession of faith in Christ, and 55 people have been baptized! We thank the Lord for the faithful altar workers, soul winners, and route workers who work so hard to win the lost. Our churches are doing well, and many of our members are involved in our ministries. Praise the Lord!

In February, we held our annual Valentine’s (Couples’) Banquet for our churches. There were many couples in attendance, and I spoke on fortifying their marriages. Many of them were new couples trying to straighten out their lives. It humbles me to see these precious people, whom we pray will be the future leaders in our churches someday. Please pray for wisdom as we guide these families into the realm of Christian service.

Some of our most faithful workers are our church teens. These young people have grown up in our ministry, attended our church camps, and attended our Christian school. They have been close to our family for most of their lives. Some will soon be attending Bible college. Many have surrendered to full-time Christian service, and we pray that they will work in our churches, if the Lord permits.

We are still saving for a church van, and we are so thankful for those who have contributed towards this need. Mexico has been cracking down on vehicle emissions, ironically, so we are hoping to get something that will pass the inspection for a few years instead of the usual jalopies. Our riders consist of elderly people, special-needs riders, large families who do not own a vehicle or who do not have public transportation in their area, and, of course, a lot of little children. At one stop, we have as many as 20 bright-eyed children who pile into the van. These vehicles are used for transporting riders and ministry workers to all services in both churches, as well as transporting riders to church activities.

We also continue to plead prayer for our safety. Crime is spiraling out of control in our city, and while some might say, “Well, the same could be said of all big cities,” bear in mind that what makes our situation different than normal is this: We are the only American family for many miles in our area, which could make us a target.

Above all, please pray for more laborers to work in our churches, as the task before us is beyond staggering. We need workers to rise up from within our churches and, hopefully, some pre-trained people from without. We are praying for you.

In His service,

Robert Wilson