Peter and Melody Morris Prayer Letter: Commencement Pastor's Practical Training AcademyI am very happy to tell you that on August 9, we commenced our first Pastors’ Practical Training Academy with 21 pastors from across the country. We had 5 Masai, 6 Luo, 6 Luya, and 4 Kisii pastors. Interestingly enough, that was exactly the number of mattresses we purchased to start the academy. It is amazing how things come together when God is in it.

We had a good start to the course, starting each morning at 8:00 and finishing each evening about 8:00. We had five lessons and a special evening session after dinner. The subjects we taught were from Foundations of Our Faith, Teaching Our People, Teaching All Nations, Established in the Faith, and Equipping the Saints, along with special lessons on how to lead people to Christ, the King James Bible, music, and tithing. There was a lot of discussion, with some pastors hearing correct doctrine directly from the Word of God for the first time. I was happy for the way things went.

Our next class starts September 20, and based on the communication from pastors who came to the first session, there should be a good attendance this time as well. During the month back home, I have given the students assignments to do to reinforce what they were taught while in class and a challenge to start implementing what they have learned. Please pray for the understanding of these men to increase.

Music is always an issue. One pastor communicated to me that he is changing his church’s music to hymns and spiritual songs, and the church is excited about their new worship program.

The spiritual battle continues. This week I was told by my “car park” discipleship class that we would not be able to move on to Level 3 of our studies because the management is not going to allow them to stay on the premises after work. We have been meeting every Monday afternoon at 4:00. However, I am not giving up, and I am hoping to meet with the management to discuss the issue further. Please pray that this will work out.

Melody has also been doing a discipleship class with two very interested young ladies from Uganda, who have recently graduated from university and are about to start further studies in the UK. Having led these two young ladies to the Lord, I was blessed with also leading their grandmother to the Lord as well. They have been a great encouragement to us and have recently asked for me to teach them how to lead someone to Christ. I was more than happy to do so and hope to hear soon of their first converts. Please pray for them; their names are Isimbi and Mulisa.

We have had a few complications. I had a case of very agitated eyes that made it nearly impossible to open my eyes in the light. After being diagnosed with a virus in my eyes, we got a second opinion from a consulting ophthalmologist, who diagnosed calcium deposits under my eyelids that were scratching my cornea and making the opening of my eyes very painful. Amazing really, but with an operation to take out each deposit, “concretion,” of which there were many on my upper and lower lids, and a little pain (Evidently, the anesthetic was not working quickly enough. The doctor told me that I must keep my eyes open, which is where I had to laugh: “You’re sticking a needle in my eye, and you’re asking me to keep my eyes open?!), it took two weeks; but I can now see again, which makes it a lot easier to teach. Praise the Lord! God is good.

I would also like to offer a special “thank you” to those churches that have offered to help pay for transport for our students to the Pastors’ Practical Training Academy; it is much appreciated. Some of these men live five to eight hours of travel away and cannot afford the $50 return fare. They would not be getting this training if it wasn’t for your sacrifice, partnering with us to get the Gospel and correct doctrine to these remote areas through these previously under-trained pastors.

Please also pray that the Lord will raise up men of integrity in Kenya who will take the Gospel and true Bible doctrine to their own people across East Africa and that they will set up Pastors’ Practical Training Academies to train other pastors also.

Thank you and God bless you.

Your missionaries and co-laborers in Christ,

Peter, Melody, and Lindsay Morris
Kenya, East Africa