Charles Osgood Prayer Letter: Winning Students for ChristThank you for your prayers and support!

School Ministry

One of the blessings of serving the Lord in Ghana is the many open doors we have to preach the Gospel in schools. In October, I had the opportunity to preach in an area junior high school to about 500 students for 4 consecutive weeks. We gave salvation booklets to the students and staff, and we distributed New Testaments to those who completed the booklet and could show that they understood and believed the Gospel. In November, I was able to preach at a different junior high school to over 600 students for 5 consecutive weeks. We also gave them salvation booklets. We are in the process of helping establish these students in the faith and giving New Testaments to those who profess faith in Christ.

Many of the students we are working with believe that salvation is by faith AND works. They believe that in order to get to Heaven, a person must do good works, live a righteous life, and obey God’s commandments. Our goal is to win those who are lost to Christ and to help establish the students in the true faith—salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone!

As I met with some students one on one last Friday, it was so encouraging to have 12 of them tell me that they had trusted Christ as their Saviour either as a result of my preaching or through the salvation booklet they completed! Please pray that God will use us to bring many students to Christ and to help establish them in the faith through this ministry. Pray also for more laborers to preach in the schools here—the harvest is so plenteous!

Singles’ Department

Two of our church singles, James and Patience, will be getting married this Saturday. A few years ago, James led Patience to Christ and started discipling her. She then joined our church and started coming soul winning. Now she is a zealous soul winner. James is one of our Bible college graduates, and he plans to start a church in the Eastern Region of Ghana (where he is from) after they get married! I am so excited to see how God will use this couple for His glory!

In October, we were able to take a group of about 30 church singles on a trip to Accra (the capital of Ghana). It was a great time of fellowship and strengthening of our bonds of friendship. Please pray that God will give me wisdom to lead these young adults to do His will.

God bless,

Charles, Lindsey, and Josiah Osgood