Brian George Prayer Letter:  National Conference a Great Success!THE GOSPEL BOOKLET

During October we were able to print 10,000 copies of The Gospel booklet in Spanish. This is a fully illustrated, 28- page booklet with the plan of salvation. It is very clear and simple to understand, with many pictures and illustrations. I would like to thank my friend, Bro. Ron Shea, who wrote the book and had it translated into Spanish. This booklet will be a very good tool to use in winning people to Christ.

George1-AThe booklets cost 22 cents each to print here in San Miguel de Tucuman. It was printed at a local print shop, and then I picked up the 40 boxes in my truck. It was a great opportunity to be able to print the booklets right here in Argentina. Over 3,000 of the booklets have been passed out already.

We would like to thank the following individuals for their gifts in order to print these booklets: First Baptist Church in Melbourne, Florida, sent $249; Roanoke Baptist Church in Roanoke, Indiana, sent $100; and Clear Gospel Crusade sent $2,600. Thank you for your support! Please pray that we will be able to print another 10,000 copies sometime soon. It would be great if your church could take on this printing as a special project!


During November we had our national conference. Every year this conference gets bigger and better. This year we had 26 pastors present from different parts of Argentina. Some came from over 600 miles away. It was exciting to see hundreds of people who came to both the morning and evening sessions. Our church people donated many hours of time to paint the church, repair the bathrooms, and decorate the church. My wife was in charge of the decorations, and she did a great job. The church looked great!

George1-BThe conference started on Monday, with national pastors preaching a short message and presenting their ministries. Each national pastor was given a gift bag and a love offering after they preached. Dr. Ezequiel Salazar and his wife were present for the conference. Mrs. Miriam Salazar spoke to the ladies in the morning sessions, and Dr. Salazar was the keynote speaker for the morning and evening sessions. All of the services were recorded. Lord willing, a professional CD of the conference will be made so free copies can be given out.

The theme this year was on the family. Many families received a lot of help on how to keep their marriages together and how to have a Christian home. Our goal for next year will be to have 50 pastors present and over 600 people for the night sessions. This conference is helping to reach Argentina for Christ!


We would like to thank you for your love and support! Keep up the good work that you are doing.

For souls,

Brian R. George and Family