Brandon Heselschwerdt Prayer Letter: Giving the Gospel to EveryoneWe have had a busy month, as we finished out our meetings in the sunshine and warmth of California and then headed back to the Midwest Region to close out our month in the blessed, cold winter weather. As we travel and go about deputation, we are reminded and burdened by the great need of getting the Gospel to the lost no matter where we are. I encourage you to realize that wherever you are, there is a need for the Gospel (John 4:35).

We finished out our time in Northern California, and our family was blessed and strengthened by the many good churches in this area. Our first meeting was with Pastor Dave of Big Valley Bible Baptist Church of Lodi. While there, we had several opportunities to go out and canvass different areas of the city, as well as share the Gospel with kids as they were leaving school for the day. I was encouraged by Pastor Dave’s heart for the lost in Lodi. Please pray for BVBBC of Lodi as they continue to reach the lost in their city.

From Lodi, we headed to Elk Grove and Stockton, California, to be with Faithway Baptist Church and Stockton Baptist Church. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with Pastor Welch, his family, and everyone at Faithway Baptist for their midweek service. We also had a great week with Pastor Kihlthau at Stockton Baptist Church. We have spent some time with them before, as they have allowed us to park our camper there several times while in the area, and this time we were able to spend a service with them as well. Our family had a great time with everyone on Saturday and Sunday. We were blessed to teach the children in their school at their Wednesday morning chapel. I was greatly encouraged by the children’s excitement for Africa. Our kids had a blast with both Pastor Dave from Lodi and Pastor Kihlthau from Stockton, as well as with Pastor Welch’s three daughters in Elk Grove. We have been greatly strengthened by our brothers and sisters in Northern California. Thank you for your love and support.

From California, we headed to Iowa and were welcomed with temperatures of -9°F! Praise the Lord! Even though it may have been cold, we were warmed by the blessed fellowship we had with Lighthouse Baptist Church of Stanwood. In the morning service, we were able to hear Pastor Kruse preach and get refreshed from the preaching of God’s Word. There I was able to present the need for the Gospel in East Africa in Sunday school and preach in the evening service. Thank you, LBC of Stanwood, for having us with you this month.

We ended the month by filling in for our assistant pastor in the RU program at our home church. It was good to be able to see many of our friends and family, whom we have not seen since November. It was a blessing to see God continuing to work through the RU program as well. We also had the opportunity to be at our home church’s Missions Conference. It is great not only to be going to the mission field overseas but also to give towards others all around the world.

I want to end our prayer letter this month with just a ministry thought that God laid upon my family’s heart, one we have been doing over the last month. If you are in an area where you may have a lot of homelessness and where they stand at street lights, then this may be something you might be interested in. Our family wanted to be a blessing in some way to those we see on the streets when we’re driving, so after praying and thinking on it for some time, we put together some bags that just simply have a bottle of water, some prepackaged food, and, most importantly, a Gospel tract to share with them the Word of Truth. As we have the opportunity, we have been passing them out while driving, and we have personally seen how much of a blessing it’s been to see them get the things they really need.

Thank you again for the faithful prayers and support. Always keep looking for new and open opportunities to share the Gospel with others in need of the truth.

Your co-laborers for lost souls across East Africa,

Brandon, Ali, Jeffrey, Hannah, & Esther Heselschwerdt
Romans 10:14