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Missionary #6004 Prayer Letter: Firmly Anchored in Him

By |August 12th, 2018|Missionary #6004, Prayer Letters|

Though the storm clouds roll, we are firmly anchored in Him. Oftentimes I feel like Peter—my faith is weak, and I focus on the storm around me instead of on the One Who calls me to Him. I've been reminded these last two months in America th [...]

Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: How Shall They Hear Without a Preacher?

By |August 11th, 2018|Jon Wrightson Family, Prayer Letters|

Family Our family is doing well. It is evident that God’s people are praying for us. Thank you so very much for your prayers, as well as your faithful support. We are getting ready for our new arrival. Baby Annabelle Grace is scheduled to a [...]

Missionary #6011 Prayer Letter: A Useful Month in the Service of the Lord

By |August 11th, 2018|Missionary #6011, Prayer Letters|

The month of July has been a useful month in the service of the Lord, and we are very thankful to Him for everything! At the beginning of the month, Abr___, an Orthodox classmate from Ethiopia came to our home for an appointment. The Lord u [...]

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