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John Birthday 12/06

I grew up in church. I do not remember ever hearing the Gospel. It was in college that I was asked what the Cross of Jesus meant to me. I did not know.  I studied the Bible and realized He loved me and died for my sins. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour on September 21, 1974. I was baptized shortly after in the university swimming pool. I am now a member of and sent out of Marion Avenue Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Joseph Brown.

Farming was my god, but I followed Christ’s calling to enter public water treatment for three decades, starting in 1980 till 2010. He placed on my heart the need to invent and distribute a water-treatment system in 2004. I believe these Scriptures for my ministry:  Matthew 25:35 and John 4.  I serve Jesus in each thirsty person and witness to offer living water. I am in my second decade of this ministry. God has let me manufacture 5,000 systems and distribute them in 50 countries. In Sudan, Africa, for example, 1,200 villages were given both waters.  More information and testimonies can be found at Hays Pure Water.

I began working in the ministry in 2005 and have seen many in 50 countries in 5,000 villages saved, grow in Christ, and become fruitful soul winners. My burden is to reach more around the world with both drinking and living water and to train them to become effective and fruitful soul winners. I have developed and manufacture a water machine that perfectly treats water for up to 5,000 people for several decades.

My desire is to work with the missionaries of Fundamental Baptist Missions International and assist them in planting churches. I want to see people saved and then train them to become soul winners. In addition, I have a strong burden to reach their entire village for Christ. This will be most effective through the water ministry-serving missionaries.

This will take much labor and sacrifice. I am ready to reach more of the world. I invite you to pray and consider partnering with me in this effort through your prayers and finances. Please contact me if you would allow me to share my burden and calling with you and your church.

If I can serve you in any way, please allow me to do so.

In 2006, after traveling around developing nations on missions trips, John Hays was burdened to create a low cost, portable solution for water purification. After reading the historical account of Elisha cleansing the water of Jericho in II Kings 2, John put his 30+ years of experience with municipal water works to use and developed the Khlor Gen system.

Through the years, the design and look has been changed and improved, but the mission has stayed the same. Provide people with clean water, reaching out to them through word and deed. Eight years and 4,000 units later, that mission continues full steam ahead.

Learn more here:

Marion Avenue Baptist Church
215 S Marion Ave
Washington, IA 52353


403 W Main St, Washington, IA 52353




You can financially support my ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #175.


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Hays Pure Water Prayer Letter: Transferring Leadership

Hays Pure Water Prayer Letter: Transferring LeadershipGod is opening a door to pass this ministry on to a younger generation. Pastor Joseph Brown of Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa, gave me wise counsel to step down from leadership because the workload was wearing me down. God has raised up a new leader, Brother David Boyce and his family. He has a vision to evangelize and provide treated drinking water to the needy globally. The ministry will go on seamlessly. I will continue to support Brother Boyce and fulfill God’s calling on my life as a water missionary.

I’m going to enjoy seeing and hearing what God will do through this man!

His water boy,

John Hays


What an amazing God we serve, and I feel so blessed to have seen Him work in so many incredible ways in recent weeks! My name is Dave Boyce, and this is my wife Stephanie and our children: Bridget, Cayson, Kolton, and Kyler. In short, I am a Christian businessman, who also serves as a deacon at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. Really, I’m just a regular guy who has a strong desire to see the world come to Jesus.

My wife and I have had the privilege to know and support John Hays and the work he has done for the past seven years, and now we have the privilege of a lifetime to work hand in hand with him to get the Gospel to so many souls.

Bro. Hays graciously handed over the leadership of this ministry after God made it clear that the weight and work of the ministry should no longer rest on one man. It has not been an easy task handing over the leadership of the ministry he has poured his life into, but he has passed it on in such a selfless way. Through it all, Bro. Hays has earned my utmost respect, and I cannot be more thankful that he has agreed to train and assist me in the ministry as long as the Lord allows. I have incredibly large shoes to fill, but through his humble submission to my leadership, Bro. Hays is enabling me to stand on his shoulders to further the ministry and reach more souls.

I am also grateful to Pastor Joseph Brown of Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa, for allowing me the opportunity to honor Bro. Hays at his home church in December and also thank the church members for their prayers and support for this ministry.
This year, we believe the Lord will allow us to provide over 4,000 units to ministries and missionaries, helping to start churches and train leaders in soul winning and discipleship. Based on averages of the past, these 4,000 systems will help us see over 200,000 people saved this year, countless healed of waterborne diseases, and 50-100 churches planted.

Thank you for your prayers! God is doing amazing things through the ministry, and we need His power to continue on. Please pray for all those involved, including missionaries, volunteers, governments, Bro. Hays, and my family. Most importantly, please pray for the lost and for more laborers.

Thank you,

David Boyce

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