Team Philippines Update:  So Much to Thank Him ForIt has been an incredible, non-stop adventure here of late. Let me try to bring you up to speed on what God has been doing in Dumaguete.

In June, Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines graduated three students, and just last week, three new students started HACPH. Our ministry to help homeschool church families graduated seven this year and is set to graduate nine students next year. We know God is working on others to surrender to full-time service, and we look forward to the opportunity of having a part in God’s preparation for their future.

Also at the end of June, we had two of our staff, both graduates of HACPH, get married. Paolo is our pianist and works with our church media, including our radio ministry, and Jennifer helps with our homeschool ministry. We are happy for them as they now go through life as husband and wife.

The summer is short this year, as the schools ended later and will start earlier than usual. We had to squeeze both our Youth Rally and our Vacation Bible School into the month of July, one week right after the other. Our Youth Rally, themed “With God and Grit,” was well attended, and I was amazed at how well the preaching was received by all of the about 150 young people present. They received 13 sermons in less than 48 hours. Great decisions were made, and we look forward to the next rally.

Vacation Bible School was comprised of 21 separate meetings taking place around our city Monday through Thursday and a combined meeting at the church on Friday. We saw a high attendance of 586 during the week and 257 at the church on Friday. All in all, more than 332 were led to know Christ as their Saviour that week. We’ve also seen a good increase in our Sunday school attendance since VBS. Please pray as we continue to reach families.

It is looking more likely that we will have our FM station up by the end of this year. In the meantime, we continue to use and expand the app for our online station. It has been a great blessing in our church, and I am now helping other ministries get the same app customized for their ministries. For those interested in seeing what we are doing, feel free to visit the app and register as a user. I believe that any church could benefit by having this tool, and once we can combine the app with the FM station, we are going to see God use it in great ways. Please pray and consider supporting this ministry to help get it to other churches/ stations.

There is more that is taking place, but the sad news for us is that on August 15, I’ll be taking Delaney to the airport as she makes her move back to the U.S. to start college at HAC this fall. She is our fourth child to leave home and attend HAC. We are so very happy for all of our children and their love for the Lord and His ministry. Please pray for her as she begins this new part of her life. We are thankful for good friends around the world and knowing that our God is with us no matter where we go.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support for what we get to do here. God truly is good to us, and we are humbled to have a part in what He is doing. With Delaney leaving, we have a guest room again, so plan a visit to the Philippines and come see us.

That all the world may know,

Randy DeMoville