Team Indo-Phil Update:  Youth Rally 2014Our summer in the Philippines is coming to an end and school will be starting again soon. It has been an eventful summer. First, we are saddened to see the MacRae family leave the Philippines, but are excited about how the Lord is going to use them in their new position in West Virginia. With one less family serving on the team, we’ve made some adjustments. Bro. Mike Morrissey has become the Youth Pastor of International Baptist Church. He’s already jumped in, and he did a great job with our Youth Rally. Bro. and Mrs. Stan Lawrenson have become the teachers of our college-aged men and ladies; this has freed up Pastor DeMoville to teach the high school Sunday school class while Bro. Morrissey continues to oversee the Children’s Ministry.

Our college students are stepping up, and it is exciting to see them move into new areas of responsibility and leadership. A Bible college student is leading our church orchestra and three of our college men are rotating in the song leading in the church services. Another of our college men has become the captain of a route. One of our college ladies is now teaching a children’s Sunday school class, and a couple of other college men are conducting and preaching in Junior Church. The growth of our students has been exciting to watch.

It is not only our college students who are growing, but members of our church are also becoming greater soul winners. We continue to see converts baptized each Sunday. We’ve seen God working in lives of people through difficulties they are learning to overcome. Please continue to pray for our church and the future of the ministry in Dumaguete. We look forward to what God has planned. Thank you for your continued support; your help makes it possible for us to reach others with the Gospel. There is so much more to do, please continue to hold the ropes as we continue to press forward.

That all the world may know,

Randy DeMoville