Team Indo-Phil Update:  Some Things Never Change“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.” (Psalm 127:3-4)

Eight years ago, our team started in the Philippines. A lot has changed in the past eight years. Our location changed just six months after we arrived. We’ve had some changes in the structure of our team. Wonderful people who helped us get started have moved on to serve in other places. We’ve had a change in pastors in our sending church, as well as in the leadership of our missions agency. On the field, we’ve had changes to our families, with children being born and children leaving for college in the U.S.

My family has just had a nearly two-month visit to the United States. For my wife and most of the children, it had been six years since they were last in America; for two of our children, it was their first visit. We had a wonderful time, and we are thankful to so many people who have made it possible for us to enjoy some great family time.

First, let me thank our wonderful church family and the team we have at International Baptist Church in Dumaguete. I know it is His church and that it does not all rest upon me as the pastor. But there is still truth in what Dr. Lee Roberson used to say, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Not just one leader, but the entire team of leaders. It is that leadership that has allowed us to get away and allowed the work to continue.

While we were gone, everything continued as usual, with souls being saved, converts being baptized, services being conducted, college classes being taught, etc. There were 1,199 souls saved and 48 baptisms that took place during July and August while we were away. Thank you, IBC, for staying faithful.

Then to our faithful supporters, the greatest of those being the great people of First Baptist Church of Hammond. Your faithfulness to pray for and give has allowed us not only to serve others, but also to have some valuable time to strengthen our marriage and family. Without these, no amount of support would allow us to do what we do.

Thank you to FBMI for caring for us, not just through the administrative tasks you perform, but through your genuine concern for the success of each missionary. The Missions Mastermind in Chicago and the week of Missions University were well done and very helpful. We look forward, as you do, to the fruit that will come from it.

To our family and friends whom we were able to spend time with, thank you for your understanding and sacrifice in allowing us the freedom to serve our Saviour so far away from where you’d love for us to be. Thank you for taking the short opportunity we had to be together and making us feel so welcomed and loved.

Thank you, Faith Baptist Church in Wildomar, for going way beyond in helping our family to be cared for while with you. We will not forget your love and sacrifice. Thank you for being faithful and allowing me the wonderful privilege of having a church to come home to that has not changed or compromised. We love you dearly and thank God for you.

Since being back in Dumaguete, we’ve jumped right back into the work. We’ve started a new ministry to help parents homeschool their children so that they can escape the ever-increasing problems of the public schools. We’ve had a Missions Conference and are taking on two new missionary families as a result of our Faith Promise giving. We just added a new student to our Bible college and are excited for the opportunity to train more servants of God.

A lot has changed in the past eight years, but some things have not. There are still souls to be saved, believers who need to grow in grace, and servants of God who need to be trained. We are committed to doing more of the same; we pray you will be also. Thank you for your love and support as we labor together with Christ.

If you would please pray for the following:

1. Pray for more souls to be saved and for more laborers to help us reach and train them.
2. We need a new generator for our church—the cost will be approximately $10,000.
3. We are closer to starting a radio station and could use $40,000 to help with the expenses and operation; the generator is necessary for the station, as well as for our church services during power outages.
4. Pray for wisdom and provision for a future place for our church to meet.
5. Pray for our transportation needs of the ministry.

That all the world may know,

Randy DeMoville
Team Leader, Team Indo-Phil