Team Indo-Phil Update:  Moving Along!Thank you for your continued prayer and giving that allow us to serve the Lord and the people of the Philippines. What an honor it is to be in God’s service and to see His work in the lives of those reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of the Word of God. God continues to work in Dumaguete!

This year has been filled with joys and tears, as we’ve celebrated the 4-year anniversary of International Baptist Church and also said goodbye to another team family that has returned to the U.S. to complete deputation in order to return to the field as missionaries in another city. I would ask that you pray for the Morrissey family as they raise support to come back to the Philippines. If you would consider taking them on for support to help them return to the field, it would be a worthy investment.

Before I get to some of the blessings taking place, let me also ask that you pray for the wife of team member, Scott Christiansen. Debbie has been diagnosed with cancer and has been given a short time to live. We are encouraged by how some treatment has helped slightly, but she is very limited in what she is able to do. Some of the Christiansen children will be visiting here in June and July, as she is unable to make a trip back to the States in her condition. Bro. and Mrs. Christiansen are loved and are important people in our church and ministry. Please pray for them during this difficult time.

Recently we had a Children’s Day at International Baptist Church. One of our Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines students took the responsibility to plan most of the day; it involved all of our other students, as well as scores of our church members. Our workers did a great job at bringing in over 300 children on a Saturday morning. More than 100 of those children heard the Gospel and trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Jesus loves these children, and so do we. Pray as we work to reach into the homes of these little ones. Already we’re planning for a bigger event next year, with several days of working in various areas and then bringing all of the children together for a large event.

Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines is back in session, as school begins during June in the Philippines. It is encouraging to see the tremendous growth in the lives of these young people. Weekly our students are leading souls to Christ and seeing the fruit of their labors. One of our young ladies has started helping with the teaching load, teaching English classes to other students. We look forward to the day that many of those who are training here will be used full-time in the ministry, either here or in other places.

It has been encouraging to see so many visitors coming to church lately, especially those who are coming without any personal invitation. A Gospel tract, word of mouth, seeing the church sign, and the church website are all reasons people have given in recent days for attending one of our services. Faithfulness pays off! Your investment is reaping dividends, as souls continue to be saved and baptized each week and as converts are being discipled. The need is great, and laborers are needed in the work. Please pray about what the Lord would have you to do in helping to get the Gospel to more Filipinos.

Thank you to those who prayed about our family finding a new home to live in. The Lord answered our prayers by providing a nice home with a large yard that is still within close proximity to the church. Also, on the property is an outbuilding that provides a place for the schooling of our children. Please pray as we look to the future; many of our church families have inquired about schooling for their children, and we hope to be able to offer a solution to their needs by next school year.

That all the world may know,

Randy DeMoville