Team Indo-Phil Update:  The Goodness of God Endures!“. . . the goodness of God endureth continually.” (Psalm 52:1)

This past year has been one of trials and victories! One thing is for sure—God’s goodness endures! David wrote these words in response to those who sought to destroy his life, but as hard they tried, David’s confidence was in the goodness of God.

Let me just share some of the good things God has been doing here in Dumaguete because of your prayers and support and because of the faithful members here who serve the Lord with gladness.

In December, we held two performances of a Christmas play and saw many souls come to Christ for salvation. Our folks did an excellent job in practicing and putting on the musical; it is always a highlight each year. About the same time, we held a Christmas Open House at the DeMoville home and invited the whole church to come visit with us, sing, eat, and have a gift exchange. More than 150 people spent the evening with us. It was a wonderful time with both our long-time members and some of our more recent additions to the church.

Throughout 2016, we saw consistent growth in our ministry. It is thrilling to see new families in the church and others who are stepping up to do more for the cause of Christ. Our theme last year was “A Church That Works.” Our people have worked, and God has given the increase. In 2016, our ministry saw more than 1,073 visitors. We saw through our ministries more than 8,468 souls saved and 296 baptized. Our attendance has steadily increased, and we are averaging about 50 more per Sunday than we did a year ago. Thank you for holding the ropes as we continue to reach this place with the Gospel of Christ and God’s powerful Word.

On January 22, we celebrated our church’s 6th anniversary. What a wonderful time it was, as our church auditorium was packed to overflowing, and almost as many children were outside underneath the tent. All in all, we had 614 in attendance, with 93 public professions, and 41 of those were baptized! To God be the glory for the great things He has done! We were privileged to have Jason and Lacey MacRae with us on this special day; they were here when IBC Dumaguete was started, and our folks were happy to see them again. We even put Bro. MacRae to work baptizing. We are now into our seventh year and look forward to what God has in store for us.

On the next page, I’ll list some items that we would be honored if you would pray for, as well as some photos of our recent activities. God bless you where you are as you continue to serve our God and Saviour.

That all the world may know,

Randy DeMoville
Team Leader, Team Indo-Phil

Prayer Requests

1. Continued spiritual growth of believers.
2. That the Lord will provide for us a new meeting place in His time and way
3. Hardback KJV Bibles for new believers and more musical instruments
4. More laborers to help in the work
5. Our first Hyles-Anderson College of the Philippines graduation in April