Team Indo-Phil Update:  Exchanging Punches With the DevilGreetings from Dumaguete! Our church had its fourth missions conference in September. We had several men speak for us, but the special guest speaker was Missionary Eddie Galyean. What a blessing it was to have him with us and to have him help stir our hearts more for the cause of Christ. Many decisions were made during the conference.

Shortly after our conference, we had a group from First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, join us for a few days. What a privilege it was to have Pastor John Wilkerson, Dr. Stuart Mason, and Bro. Billy Paugh, along with the others who came with them. Our Bible college students especially enjoyed spending a day with these men teaching and preaching.

Sometimes it seems we are just exchanging punches with the Devil—a victory here and a heartache there. But, praise the Lord, we know we have the victory and are more than conquerors. We trust that the seed that is sown, the Word of God, is not in vain. We’ve had young people who have been faithful to church, become soul winners, and then for one reason or another, they are pulled away. Please pray for one young lady in particular, Nova, whose family will not allow her to return to our church. She is still sharing the Gospel with her classmates, and we get occasional reports of souls being saved.

Recently one of our Hyles-Anderson College young ladies learned of the 13-year-old younger brother of a former classmate who had been shot five times. The boy had been passing through a park early in the morning to visit his mother when he was abducted. The men covered his head and took him to a place where they allowed him to select from among several guns and then shot him with it, leaving him for dead. As soon as he knew they were gone, he went for help. Two of our college young ladies and one of our college young men visited him in the hospital and were able to lead this boy to Christ, as well as 4 others in the hospital that day.

Our team enjoyed getting together for the Thanksgiving holiday, though we missed having the Morrissey family with us this year, as they were in the States on vacation. Of course, any occasion to eat with others is a great occasion. We praise the Lord for His goodness toward us.

We appreciate your prayers for the team and for the people we are privileged to serve here. The growth of our people in so many areas is encouraging. God is working, and we are humbled to be a part of it. Only eternity will tell the whole story of the difference that is being made here and the ripple effect it will have in the years to come. What a joy it is going to be to see the full results of our laboring together. Salamat kaayo! (Thank you very much!)

We are preparing to have our annual Christmas program on December 21, 2014. We are passing out tickets to people, inviting them to come to this one-time performance. Of course, we will present the Gospel to all in attendance on that evening. Please pray that many will come and trust Jesus for salvation.

Thank you for your prayer and support as we continue to reach the lost and prepare servants to give their lives also for the ministry of the Gospel. We pray that you will have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

– Pastor Randy DeMoville