Team Ghana Update: We Praise God for 15 Years -- 2006-2021!Praise the Lord that we made it back to Ghana! God blessed us with a very smooth trip to the States and back. We thank our family, friends, and the churches who hosted us while we were in the States. We returned just in time to join our church in celebrating its 15-year anniversary.

We had special cloth made for our church anniversary. It was a great day of festivities. We had our annual soccer matches and celebrated with a meal together. This is a group picture we took on our anniversary Sunday, November 14.

My message for this occasion was as follows. We have had a great 15 years, but the next 15 can be even better. We must obey the following truths about the church for that to happen:

1. The church is the pillar and ground of the truth, so we must learn and know!
2. The church is to be an army on a mission, so we must be about the business of preaching the Gospel!
3. The church is to be a place of inspiration and encouragement, so we must provoke one another to love and good works, and we must exhort each other to hold fast to the profession of our faith!

Thanks to those of you who have supported this work from the very beginning and to those who have joined us along the way! We put together a video to commemorate our 15 years:

By the way, this month we thank God for the Osgoods, who have been a part of the work here in Ghana for all 15 years. You can read more about their ministry at

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader