Team Ghana Update: The Unexpected Passing of a National PastorYour prayers and your interest in the ministry here in Ghana are a blessing to us!

God Is Always Good

May 16 was a special day at our church. We officially ordained Pastor James Adjabeng (pictured with his wife) for the Gospel ministry. He had recently taken over a daughter church in the town of Kunsu, and the members of that church came to witness the special day at our church.

The next week, Pastor James became sick, and on Monday morning, May 21, his wife found him dead. It was a huge blow to our church. James was only 33 years old. Many of us, including myself, have questioned, “Why?” But we still believe God is good, even though we have lost a great zealot for souls. We will miss him dearly.

The day God took him to Heaven, he left his wife Patience, who was nine months’ pregnant, and his son Michael, who was a little more than a year old. Patience gave birth on May 29 to a baby girl. Up to this point, Patience has been working at our school and has been living with her family on the church property. We have been encouraged by her faithful spirit through this time. Despite the pressure from her family, she came to church the first Wednesday night service after James’ death.

There are many superstitious beliefs in Ghanaian culture. Since James was so young, some believe that he died because of an evil curse from the local gods. Many tried to dissuade the men we chose to fill the pulpit at the church in Kunsu because of these fears. Praise the Lord, our men have faith and went anyway. Six people were saved the Sunday after James’ death. The attendance has increased each week since. Praise God!
James’s funeral is scheduled for July 3. We will be holding it on our church property.

Prayer Requests

Do pray for Patience Adjabeng and her two young children. Pray for comfort and guidance. Please pray for James’ side of the family. This is the second child they have lost this year; James’ sister passed away earlier this year as a result of an automobile accident. One of our staff men, Otchere Boachie, has agreed to be the interim pastor for this church. Please pray for him and several other men from our church who will be helping this church for at least the next six months. Please pray that God will provide a pastor for His people in Kunsu. As we do each month, we encourage you to read a recent update from one of our team families and pray for them. The Sarvers’ most recent update is available at

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

pastor and a couple

Missionary Ted Speer with Pastor James and Mrs. Patience Adjabeng on May 16, 2021