Team Ghana Update:  Strengthening Our Church PlantsIsaiah 54:2 states, “Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes.” Fundamental Baptist Church International was started by Team Ghana in Kumasi 8 years ago this month. In these 8 years, God has used our ministry to help plant over 35 second- and third-generation churches in Ghana and in Liberia. As we win souls and plant churches, we want to be sure that both our converts and these church plants are firmly established in the faith. In this month’s update, I wanted to brief you on how we strive to strengthen these church plants.

Continuing Education

On a monthly basis, our Bible college graduates who are pastoring and living in Ghana return to our church property in Kumasi for a week of mastery learning. We want them to be experts in what they do, and we want them to be fully equipped to teach others. Each year most of our national pastors return for our pastors’ and workers’ conference. Also, there is a need for a veteran missionary or pastor to visit these church plants on a regular basis.


God has touched the hearts of several donors to send money for Bibles on a regular basis. Then about once every two years, we have a container of Bibles and New Testaments shipped from the States. These Bibles are a blessing to both our church plants and to the pastors who come to our yearly conference. We also make our discipleship material and Sunday school curriculum available to these church plants.


Most churches in Ghana hold their services in a rented school room until they are financially able to purchase a plot of land and build a modest structure. To date, our ministry has been able to purchase land for 8 church plants. Two of these plots of land were purchased by funds given by the members of our church in Kumasi.
Outside of the city, plots of land typically can be purchased for $3,000 to $5,000.


Having a plot of land is a huge blessing to a church plant. Having a plot of land helps the church members realize their church has a great future, and it gives the church greater credibility in the community. With a simple slab of concrete and a primitive roof, a church can begin holding services on its plot of land. Then most churches can financially improve the structure little by little. So far, we have been able to start or improve structures for 4 of our church plants. We estimate the cost of a simple structure to be approximately $5,000. (See picture below.) This fall our church in Kumasi will be raising funds to build a simple structure for one of our church plants.

Please pray for our national pastors and church plants. If you would be interested in partnering with us in any of the above areas, please contact me at Also, this month’s family prayer letter is from Rocky and Melanie Hall.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader