Team Ghana Update: Schools Are Open (to the Gospel) AgainWe thank the Lord for the many open doors that He has given us here in Ghana. One huge door that has opened back up to us recently is the opportunity to preach in the public schools.

Back to School Preaching

Due to COVID restrictions, we were kept from preaching in the schools here for almost two years! But now, praise the Lord, we are preaching in four schools – two private and two public – on a weekly basis. One of the public schools has well over 500 students!

Typically, we preach at each school for four weeks in a row. We thoroughly teach them the Gospel the first three weeks. We take time to make sure the students understand each point of the Gospel plan. At the end of our third session, we give them a Gospel workbook to fill out and bring back the following week. During our fourth visit, we check their answers and award those who completed the booklet with a New Testament.

The School Ministry Works!

Several weeks ago, a couple of our soul winners were visiting in Anomangye, a community within walking distance of our church. They met a young man named Gideon, and they asked him where he would go when he died and why. Gideon answered that he would go to Heaven because of his faith in Jesus Christ alone. They asked him where he had heard the truth, and he said that five years ago, one of our preachers came to his school, Anomangye Junior High School. Gideon even remembered the preacher’s name – James Adjabeng. (This is our national pastor who passed away nearly a year ago.) We thank God for the life of Pastor James, for the power of the Gospel, and for the school ministry!

Prayer Requests

Pray for the young people in these schools to understand the Gospel, receive it, and then grow in grace. Pray that God continues to give us opportunities such as this and laborers to meet these opportunities. In addition, we ask you to pray this month for the Charles and Lindsey Osgood family. One of the many ways Brother Osgood is involved in the ministry is in our school ministry. He preaches in one of the local schools every Wednesday. Please take time to read their recent update and pray for this family:  Osgood Ministry Updates. Also, we ask that you continue to pray with us about the renewal of the lease for our church property. This video explains our need: Ghana Lease.

God bless,

Ted Speer