Team Ghana Update: Salvation Baptist ChurchThe commands of Scripture are not grievous; instead, obeying the Lord brings great joy. For example, there is great joy in soul winning, and there is great joy in fulfilling the Great Commission.

College Graduation

One of the most rewarding things I do is to work with our college men. On February 12, Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa awarded diplomas and degrees to five more men. Brother Sarver gives a short biography for each man in his prayer letter this month. I wanted to tell you about the impact our ministry has had upon one of these graduates, Pastor Abraham Subui.

Pastor Abraham Subui and Salvation Baptist Church

Pastor Subui humbly enrolled in our college in 2011. He was already pastoring the Salvation Baptist Church of Nkwanta in the Bono East Region; but his congregation was small, and the church was struggling. Every month, he would travel to Kumasi for our college’s modular week. We trained him in soul winning, in preaching, in English, and in doctrine. As Pastor Subui has grown more skilled in the ministry, his congregation has flourished. Our church now supports Pastor Subui from our Faith Promise missions giving. It was a delight to see many of Pastor Subui’s church members attend his graduation service. Please pray for Pastor Subui and Salvation Baptist Church as they reach their community and the surrounding areas.

Prayer Requests

Pray for God to put a hedge of protection upon all our team families—my family, the Christiansens, the Halls, the Osgoods, and the Sarvers. Our family-in-focus this month is the Christiansens. Please take time to read their most recent prayer letter:

Also, please continue to pray with us that God would provide a church building for our new church plant in Mamponteng. More information is available here: In the picture below, you can see the unfinished room the congregation is filling right now. The current owner of the room is finishing the house and wants to rent it out. A permanent place of their own will facilitate growth of this church and its members.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader