How Shall They Hear? The World Health Organization estimates that 6.5% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa suffers disabling hearing loss. If this percentage holds true, there may be 1.6 million deaf in Ghana and 76,000 in our city of Kumasi alone! Rocky and Melanie Hall are on deputation to be FBMI missionaries to the deaf of Ghana. Bro. Rocky made his survey trip to Ghana last month. Bro. Rocky himself is deaf; he was reached by the Deaf Ministry of the First Baptist Church of Hammond. While preaching at our church, Bro. Rocky made this statement, “God wanted me to be deaf for His glory!”

A Helping Hand: Helping Bro. Rocky coordinate his trip was Missionary David Bennett with Silent Word Ministries International. Our team member Lawrence Williams hosted Bro. Rocky and Bro. Bennett while they were in Kumasi. Bro. Williams also worked in advance to set up meetings with several groups of deaf in the area.

A Warm Welcome: Bro. Rocky left icy Chicago and flew into warm, sunny Accra on February 1. Providentially, he met and spent some time with several deaf men at the Accra airport. He flew to Kumasi that afternoon. At our church service the next day, Bro. Rocky was warmly received by several deaf individuals whom God had already brought to our church in recent months. That afternoon Bro. Rocky was taken to meet with an association of deaf people who were gathered for their monthly meeting. Bro. Rocky was able to share his testimony with the entire group.

Ten More Deaf Hear the Gospel! There is a car repair shop here in Kumasi where several deaf work. Bro. Williams set up a meeting with them. (See photo on left.) Tears filled Bro. Williams’ eyes as he watched Bro. Rocky share Christ with ten deaf persons there at the shop. Bro. Williams also took Bro. Rocky shopping at a grocery store called Opoku Trading. They met five more deaf who are employed at this store.

Bro. Rocky Meets Dozens More Deaf. Bro. Williams drove Bro. Rocky to a deaf school two hours away in Jamasi. There are approximately 350 deaf students attending the school! Bro. Rocky befriended many of the deaf students. Please pray the doors of this school will open for Bro. Rocky to minister there once he arrives on the field. Also, in Obuasi—two hours away from Kumasi in a different direction—Bro. Rocky made many more contacts at the funeral of a deaf lady where about 150 deaf persons were in attendance.

Making a Difference at FBCI: Not only did Bro. Rocky preach at our church one service, but he also taught a Sunday school class for the deaf during which 4 deaf were saved! The deaf of our church are very anxious for Bro. Rocky to return!

Pray for the Hall Family! Please pray that the Hall family will be able to raise their support as soon as possible. If you are interested in supporting the Hall family or in having them present their work in your church, please e-mail Bro. Rocky at

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