Team Ghana Update:  Prayer Meeting TestimoniesDear Friend of Team Ghana,

Our monthly prayer meetings are scheduled for two hours. We usually sing, take praises, and then go pray for the first hour. We then reconvene, take prayer requests, and pray some more. In this particular meeting, the praises and testimonies lasted for more than one hour! I was deeply encouraged by what I heard, and I want to share these testimonies with you.

Abraham Oppong:  Abraham, a very quiet person, testified about the great things God was doing in his life. He informed us as to how he had begun a Bible study group at his college. He had invited some of our staff men recently to speak to the group and was excited about the response of his friends to the Gospel message. Abraham went on to testify as to how he and Thomas Boakye had begun street preaching in a very populated part of town. On this particular day, they were preaching away while the Muslims were busy having their religious prayers. Although Abraham is quiet, it is evident that God is working so mightily in him that he cannot contain it!

Albert Kodua:  Albert recently took a trip for family business to the eastern part of the country. On his way back to Kumasi, Albert stood up on the bus and preached the Gospel to his fellow passengers. Three Catholics responded to receive his message.

Emmanuel Tawiah:  Recently Emmanuel’s grandmother passed away. Emmanuel prayed and worked diligently to seize this opportunity to give the Gospel to his family. He was allowed to do so at a special family gathering. Emmanuel testified that his cousin Rosemary living in Virginia had called him to ask for his spiritual guidance. She had heard of his preaching at the family meeting!

Joseph Ben Arthur:  Joseph testified to recently giving the Gospel to a childhood friend. His friend Mohammed, who was a Muslim, received his message and trusted the Saviour.

Victor Apasu:  Victor testified that recently he had found the spiritual boldness to start preaching on the public transportation around the city.

Micheal Sakyi:  Micheal told about a former classmate he had invited to join a group called “People of the Bible” on the social app “Whatsapp.” This classmate, Barnabas, told the group he desired to live a moral life. Knowing that Jesus could fill the need in Barnabas’ life, Micheal invited him to our church, where he heard the Gospel! Barnabas responded to the invitation, trusted Christ, and was baptized the following Sunday.

These were just some of the testimonies at our prayer meeting. What a joy it is to see Christian people so boldly preaching the truth! Please pray for our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, which is being held August 12-15.  Also, the featured team member prayer letter this month is from Brother David Sarabia. Thank you for your support for our team families and the work here.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader