Team Ghana National Pastor Spotlight: Pray for These PastorsThank you for praying for our 13th Annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. It seems like we always say this, but I believe this conference was our best ever. We are so glad that Pastor John Wilkerson of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, was able to join us again this year. The theme for our conference was “The Great Commission,” and I believe our delegates received excellent motivation and instruction in soul winning and discipleship. Here is a photo from the Tuesday evening service of our conference:


Well over 700 were in attendance for our evening services. Nearly 500 delegates registered for the conference. Over 70 churches were represented during the week. Thursday evening was one of the highlights of the conference, when 30 present (pictured below) surrendered to do the will of God for their lives.


What a joy it was for me to help such a receptive group take their soul winning to the next level. Pastor Wilkerson’s sessions on discipleship were helpful to our church and to all churches represented. For the first time this year, we had sessions taught entirely in Twi for our Twi-only speaking delegates; they were trained in soul winning in their own language by our staff men, Kingsley Addai and Stephen Opoku, as well as by our graduate, Pastor Rexford Aning. In the afternoon, we had split sessions for senior pastors, ladies, youth, and the key men of our churches.

Team Families

In conjunction with our conference, the Hall family and Hope Fundamental Baptist Church hosted a conference for the deaf with special guest, Brother Jason Maloney. Several of their deaf members are in the matching blue shirts on the right. At, you can read more about the work the Hall family is doing. Please pray for all our team families.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader