Team Ghana Update: Pray for God to Allow Us to Renew the Lease on Our PropertyThis month, I need to share with you a great need our ministry has, as well as give you a report on one of our church plants.

Renewal of the Lease for Our Church Property

Our church takes up a special annual offering called a “Harvest Offering.” For the past two years, our offering has been designated toward raising money for the renewal of our church’s property lease. We have come under recent pressure from the local chief to renew this lease that expires in 2029. Our church has raised approximately $30,000 through this annual harvest. We have been granted a reduced price based on an early renewal. The asking price of this renewal is $350,000. If we wait until 2029, the price will be in excess of $650,000. The leases here are good for 50 years. We believe that this asking price is below the going market price. Our property is 10 acres of prime real estate located in a residential area of Kumasi. Our buildings on our property are valued at approximately $1,000,000. Our hope is that God will provide this money in 2022.

There is no such thing as private property here. The chief owns all the land in the Ashanti Kingdom, and he has the power to grant or not grant us a lease. If we are not able to renew our lease, then we are at risk of losing everything. Please pray that we can raise this money and get this situation behind us.

Visit to Fundamental Baptist Church of Mamponteng

On December 19, I had the wonderful privilege to preach for one of our college graduates on the occasion of his church’s second anniversary service. Pastor Kingsley Addai is doing an amazing job. I was so pleased at the number of people in his service. There were many whole families, which is a great sign of stability. The photo below was taken that day.

Prayer Requests

In addition to the need for our lease, please continue to pray that God would give us more men to train for the ministry. Also, would you take the time to pray for one of our team families? This month, let me draw your attention to the Hall family. Their updates are available here:

God bless,

Ted Speer
Team Leader