Team Ghana Update: Please Meet Miss Larae HoffLike many of you, we had a great day on Resurrection Sunday, April 17!

Easter Outreach

We tried something new this year. We decided to take advantage of the fact that many of our church members have off work the Friday before Easter. We encouraged our people to meet with us in the church auditorium at 9 a.m., at which time we would organize ourselves and then visit the surrounding communities, inviting them to our Sunday morning service. Many of our members signed up to help.

I did not know what to expect, so I was so pleased when about 200 of our members came that Friday morning! We conducted the meeting much like our normal Saturday morning soul-winning meeting, with singing followed by a short, inspirational message. We then organized everyone according to our adult and teen classes. Our people were filled with joy as they left the church premises to invite people from the neighborhoods around our church. Our soul-winning meeting the next day was also well attended.

Resurrection Sunday

On Sunday morning, God blessed us with 111 visitors. Our members were in great spirits, and so many of them brought visitors that morning. The choir blessed us with special music. At the invitation, dozens responded to put their faith in Christ alone for salvation. Every adult and teen visitor received a New Testament and a booklet explaining salvation. Please pray for us as we follow up on these visitors. Pray that many of them would decide to be a part of our church.

Special Request

Please pray for the newest member of our team, Miss Larae Hoff. She is a single young lady whose heart is to minister to children on the mission field. She has gained much experience by visiting several different mission fields. For her survey trip, she served several months with our team.

Miss Hoff will be working to help educate and train kids in our Christian school, which has grown to over 400 students; her help is much needed. In addition, Miss Hoff will be working in our church’s children’s ministry. She plans to learn the local language and then serve our daughter churches by helping to train lay people in those churches for children’s ministries. She will be a great help!

Please pray that God would allow her to raise her support quickly. If your church would be interested in having Miss Hoff for a meeting or taking her on for support, her contact details and recent prayer letters are available at Larae Hoff Prayer Letters.

God bless,

Ted Speer

Please Keep Praying for Our Lease!
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FBMI Team Ghana Update Picture

The main auditorium crowd at Fundamental Baptist Church International in Kumasi, Ghana, on Resurrection Sunday 2022.