Team Ghana Update: Our Radio MinistryYour prayers and your interest in the ministry here in Ghana are a blessing to us!

Radio Ministry Update

When our church was faced with COVID-19 restrictions in April of 2020, we started preaching on the local radio as a way of communicating with our church. We only needed to do this for a short time because the COVID-19 restrictions here were quickly loosened, allowing us to have in-person services. Nevertheless, a ministry had been born!

We decided, by faith, just to keep preaching on the radio in order to evangelize the lost. We now preach every week on a popular local radio station. Our method has been to target popular stations that have a large audience. We preach for two to three months, and then we move on to another station. Our hope is that through this method, we will get the Gospel out to much of the radio audience here in our city of over 2 million people. Leticia Mensah (pictured to the left) is now a member of our church because of this ministry. She started attending regularly last October.

Most of our radio preaching is done in the local language by our trained pastors. It is such a blessing to see these men confidently and effectively defend the faith! We have had much response, both positive and negative. We have people praising us and others arguing against our doctrine of salvation by grace through faith. I am reminded of Acts 28:24, “And some believed the things which were spoken, and some believed not.”

Prayer Requests

• Please pray that God would use this ministry to reach many here in Kumasi. Pray for God to continue to provide the funds for us to be on the air. Also, pray for Pastor Kingsley Addai and for our staff men, Otchere Boachie, Stephen Opoku, Micheal Sakyi, and Alex Addo, as they teach each week. For now, their preaching airs on Sunsum 98.7 FM in Kumasi from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.
• Each month, we ask you to pray specifically for one of our five team families. Please read the Christiansens’ most recent update at We are very happy for the birth in April of their newest little one, Gloriana Joy Christiansen!

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader