Team Ghana Update: New Bible College StudentsOur Bible college was started by Dr. Doug Kalapp, Dr. Ed Tutton, Brother Billy Carter, and Brother Adam Ogle. We thank God for blessing us with 80 graduates so far. We pray often for God to send us more disciples to train. These, our newest Bible college students, are pictured from left to right in the picture below:

• Our graduate and staff member, James Adjabeng, met Jephthah Aniglo on his bus route. Jephthah had come from Togo to Ghana to learn a trade and return to Togo to attend Bible college. When Jephthah started attending our church in 2019, he spoke French, not English. With the blessing of his pastor back in Togo, we helped Jephthah receive tutoring in the English language, and he first enrolled in our college last January.

Dickson Anabila was also reached through one of our bus routes by a staff member and Bible college graduate. Otchere Boachie started bringing Dickson to church back in 2015. After completing high school, Dickson enrolled in our college with the goal of becoming an evangelist like Bro. Otchere.

Pastor Moses Danlardi heard about our ministry through our TV ministry. He came for a visit and learned about salvation by grace through faith. He returned to his church in the Upper East Region and taught them the truth about salvation. He also has influence with six other churches in his area and has shared with them the truth of the Gospel. Pastor Moses has a zeal to learn about the Christian ministry from us.

• Another pastor who has enrolled in our college recently is Pastor Peter Akpasenkpiagye. He pastors Bible Baptist Church in Yegi in the Bono East Region. He heard about our Bible college from a pastor who has attended our yearly Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference.

Benjamin Aboagye was reached by the Fundamental Baptist Church of Mamponteng, which is pastored by our graduate, Kingsley Addai. Benjamin enrolled in our college after completing high school. He desires to serve God with his life.

• And then Abraham Appiah enrolled for the first time this month. He is from our daughter church, Fundamental Baptist Church of Kuntanase, pastored by our graduate, Pastor Jonas Osei-Owusu. He enrolled in our Certificate of Evangelism program simply to learn how to become an effective soul winner.
Please pray for these men. Also pray for our Christian school, Fundamental Baptist Academy, as the government has now opened the schools. Pray for our team missionary, Micah Christiansen, as he leads the school and gets our new and returning students placed properly. You may read the Christiansens’ most recent update by following this link:

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader