Team Ghana Update:  Meet One of Our Soul WinnersMeet Rancy Harris

This month please let me introduce you to one of our church’s most productive soul winners—Rancy Harris. This year he has won at least 111 souls to Christ; 30 of his converts have gotten baptized, and 24 of his visitors have been baptized.

Bro. Rancy is from Liberia. He moved to Ghana in 2009. Soon thereafter he started attending one of our church plants, and then God led Bro. Rancy to move his family to the Bohyen area so that they could become involved in the work here. He joined our church 2½ years ago.

Bus Route in Asaamang

Bro. Rancy is a carpenter by trade; he was a huge help to us as we built our new auditorium this past year. But more important to our church than that, Rancy took the initiative to start a bus route in the village of Asaamang, which is about 6 miles from our church. He brings an average of 39 people from his route to our church each week.

Team Ghana1Our Most Recent College Graduate

Just this past week, Bro. Rancy received a certificate of pastoral studies from Hyles-Anderson College of West Africa, and he plans to continue his studies until he receives a bachelor’s degree from us.

Team Ghana2The Harris Family

The entire Harris family is a big part of our church. Bro. Rancy’s wife Mary now works in our school, Fundamental Baptist Academy. Their children—Prince, Isaac, and Rosemary—attend our school. Prince and Isaac both have such tender hearts and often make their decisions public during the invitation time after the preaching.

His Vision

Bro. Rancy testifies, “I have a vision to go to Sierra Leone and establish a ministry there. I believe, with the expectation and the passion, God can use me to do more for Him in the future.” I also have great hopes and dreams for the Harris family. My prayer is that God gives this church hundreds more families like the Rancy Harris family.

Please pray for the Harris family. Pray that God would use them mightily now and in the future. Pray also for our team families. This month’s family prayer letter is from the Sarver family.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader