Team Ghana Update: Marriage and MissionsI thank God for the spiritual growth of our church these past 15 years. When this church was first started, it was quite rare for a husband and wife to be sitting together in church. Many married folks would attend, but their spouses attended a different church. The number of married couples attending our church together – and sitting together in church – has greatly increased.

Marriage Conferences

Along these lines, let me ask for your prayers for Marriage Conferences that we are having in March. Dr. and Mrs. Mark Bosje are scheduled to be with us for a Married Couples’ Banquet on March 5 and a Marriage Seminar for our church couples on March 6. They are also our guest speakers for a Marriage Seminar for the pastors of our daughter churches March 8-10.

I am so encouraged by the response from our church. The hotel where we are holding the banquet is only allowing 50 couples to attend; and, praise the Lord, all 50 slots have been filled. Our couples have sacrificially purchased tickets for the banquet. A total of 117 of our church members have paid to attend the seminar on Saturday, March 6. Also, we expect 11 or 12 pastors and their wives, along with our married staff from our church and school, to attend this second seminar with Bro. and Mrs. Bosje.

Please pray with me that our people and pastors will be receptive to the teaching and that their marriages would be greatly strengthened.

Missions-Emphasis Month

Our church is in the middle of its Missions-Emphasis Month. I have preached on giving and missions, and we have just completed a series of Sunday school lessons about giving and partnering with God to get the Gospel out. In each service, we have been showing short videos from the pastors supported by our church here in Kumasi. I thank God for the heart of our people to give. Right now. we support, partially or fully, 10 national pastors, and we would like to support more. This coming Sunday, we will collect our “missions support” pledges. Please pray that God would allow the people of our church to do more to reach the world for Christ.

Each month, I call your attention to one of our team families. Please take time to read one of Mike and Maria Sarver’s most recent updates, and do pray for them. You can find their prayer letters at

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader