Team Ghana Update:  Keeping Christ in ChristmasElection Day

Ghana held its presidential elections on Wednesday, December 7. There were four polling stations on our church property; all day, people were coming and going. Our church set up a tent near our front entrance as a place for folks to hear the Gospel after they had voted. We handed out hundreds of tracts and presented the Gospel to over 50 Ghanaians. We thank God for peaceful elections and for souls saved.

Investing in the Next Generation

Fundamental Baptist Academy is now 7 years old. God has blessed, and our school is growing. At present, our school has over 120 students and 16 teachers. This past fall our church launched a fundraising drive to raise money for a new school building. This building will also provide our church with additional Sunday school space. Thus far, we have raised over $9,000 from our church folks, with another $4,000 pledged. The total cost for the building will be close to $50,000. This might be a good time to mention that you can now give online through the FBMI website: For this project, mention “#6180 Ghana Special (Educational Building).”

Keeping Christ in Christmas

I went out soul winning on Christmas Eve with Richard and Francis. Richard (on right in picture by me) is a passionate witness. He has been saved for about five months now, and I have been discipling him. Francis (on left in picture) found some books online written by Dr. Jack Hyles. After reading them, he was motivated to look for a fundamental Baptist church. A couple of months ago, he saw our church sign, “Fundamental Baptist Church International,” and he has been attending ever since. He has also enrolled in our Bible college, and he translates for me each Saturday as we go soul winning.

As we were soul winning Christmas Eve morning, I let Richard do the talking, and he did a great job! What a great way to celebrate Christmas—by soul winning!

Team Families

I am looking forward to having our full team on the field come February. Both the Halls and the Christiansens intend to join us in January. The Osgoods needed some extra time in the States due to some health concerns, but they plan to be back early February. Please pray extra for these three families. The team family prayer letter of the month is by the Osgoods.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader