Team Ghana Update: Growth of Our Christian SchoolWe thank God for American Christians who give sacrificially to spread the Gospel around the world. Our family had a successful furlough. We enjoyed our time with friends, family, and with our brothers and sisters in Christ; but now we are very happy to be back home in Ghana. August 13-16 is our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, so there is much work to be done.

Fundamental Baptist Academy

God allowed us to start our Christian school in October 2010. The purpose of this school is to prepare our students to do the will of God for their lives. By the grace of God, our enrollment is now approaching 300.

We quickly filled the first floor of our new educational building, and now a second story is needed. This second floor will allow us to enroll 100 more students. The cost will be at least $50,000. If you could help with this need, go to Choose code #6180 (Ghana Special Projects) and indicate “FBA 2nd Floor” in the memo section. Then please email me at so that we will be expecting your donation.

The Christiansen family arrived on the field in February 2018 in order to lead this school and our children’s department. All of our students are blessed to have Brother Christiansen (pictured below) as their principal. He and I work with a staff of 27 teachers in order to minister to these precious students.

No Greater Joy

One of the joys of having a Christian school is seeing our graduates serving the Lord. We have hired three of our graduates to work with the school–DaCoster and Alice Asubonteng and Emmanuella Appiah. DaCoster and Alice had been fellow students but fell in love as fellow teachers. They have been married for a year now. With her servant’s attitude, Emmanuella, our most recent graduate, is already making herself valuable as a preschool teacher.


Please pray for God to continue to bless our Christian school. Our desire is for these young people to be prepared to do the will of God for their lives. Pray also for the Osgood family. Brother Osgood is raising travel funds to be able to minister at a conference in Sierra Leone later this year. You can read about it in their latest prayer letter:

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader