Team Ghana Update: Da-Coster's StoryAt the moment, my family and the Sarver family are in the States on furlough. Although our travels have taken us different places across the country, our paths will cross at Youth Conference and FBMI’s Candidate School at the First Baptist Church of Hammond. Pray for us as we travel, and pray for the Osgoods, the Christiansens, and the Halls as they continue to minister in Ghana. Our families will return to Ghana at the end of this month. Our team-family prayer letter this month is from the Osgoods.

Once Saved, Always Saved

In August, we hold our annual Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference. FBMI Director Mark Bosje will be our guest speaker this year. The theme of our conference is “Once Saved, Always Saved!” Biblical teaching on eternal security is such a need in Ghana. Pray that many pastors and workers from across West Africa would attend and be helped by this conference.

Da-Coster’s Story

Last month we began sharing with you some testimonies of those reached by our church since its founding over 10 years ago in November 2006. This month we asked Da-Coster Asubonteng to share his testimony:

Trusting my own good works, living a righteous life, and obeying the commandments—that is what I believed would take me to Heaven, but I was not sure. Many times I wondered if I would go to Heaven. So when Rexford Aning from the Fundamental Baptist Church International in Kumasi stopped me on Saturday, September 12, 2009, and asked me, “If you were to die today, do you know 100% for sure you would go to Heaven?” I thought to myself, What a coincidence! He proved to me from the Scriptures that day that what I had been trusting was wrong. I bless God for that day that Brother Rexford not only asked me the question, but he shared the Gospel with me, and I trusted Jesus Christ alone as my Saviour. I started attending FBCI that same month.

Being a member of FBCI is a great blessing from above, but I am not content with just being a member. It is my greatest delight to be a part of the soul-winning ministry as well. If Christ sacrificed His life for me, there is no sacrifice I can make that is too great for Him. I seek to continue serving at the Fundamental Baptist Church Internal until such a time as God moves me.

That soul winner, Rexford Aning, was previously reached by our church, graduated from our Bible college, and now pastors in Sunyani, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana. As a teenager, Da-Coster completed his high school work at our Fundamental Baptist Academy and now serves as a teacher in this Christian school. What a huge blessing it is to serve with believers like Da-Coster who are living testimonies of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

Da-Coster Asubonteng

Da-Coster Asubonteng