Team Ghana Update: Church Plant in MampontengThank you for investing in the work here in West Africa! Kingsley Addai enrolled in our Bible college in 2012 but soon realized he should join our church as well. Very soon, he became a successful bus captain, and he began teaching a teenage Sunday school class. He reinvigorated our School Ministry, and he started our Information Center Ministry. (An information center is a community loudspeaker heard by hundreds all around.) He graduated from our Bible college last year. He is starting a church in Mamponteng, a neighborhood on another side of Kumasi. Here are some testimonies from Brother Kingsley about the work in Mamponteng.

I started a bus route, bringing people from Mamponteng to our church, on January 27, 2019. Many have been saved at Mamponteng through the preaching of the Gospel. I have personally led over 65 souls to Christ. One of them is the secretary to the Chief of Mamponteng. He was excited about the message he heard and is now working on our discipleship lessons. He told me he has been sharing what he has learned with his wife. Some of my converts are now members of our church. The route is growing. At times, we cannot bring all who desire to attend because our van is completely full.

I have been preaching in some of the schools in Mamponteng. Some have been saved and have started attending our church and even going through our discipleship curriculum. A teacher in one of the schools, now my disciple, has been faithfully coming to church.

With the teens and adults from the Mamponteng route, we have started a Sunday school class. Some of the members are learning to become soul winners. They meet with me on Saturdays to learn the soul-winning plan, and then we go out soul winning.

In addition to the bus route, Sunday school class, and school preaching, we have a weekly Bible study at the house of one of our members. We plan to introduce a Sunday evening Bible study by the end of May. We have been praying for the Lord to give us a permanent place for Bible study. We are working hard to acquire land in Mamponteng, and we are praying that God will provide the funds for a building.

Please pray for God to bless this new work in Mamponteng. Pray also for the Christiansens, our missionary family-in-focus for this month. Please take time to read their latest prayer letter, which can be found at

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader