Team Ghana Update: Building Stronger MarriagesThank you for your prayers for our Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference, which was held earlier this month. We were so blessed to have Pastor John Wilkerson and Bro. and Mrs. Lawrence Williams from the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana, with us. We had over 400 in our day sessions and around 650 in our evening services. Below is a picture of those in attendance Wednesday morning.

Building Stronger Marriages

“Building Stronger Marriages” was our conference theme. Sessions for married delegates were taught by Pastor Wilkerson, the Williams, the Sarvers, Bro. Richmond Acheampong, and Mrs. Antionette Kearney, as well as my wife and me. Bro. and Mrs. Charles Osgood led the singles’ sessions. Our team missionary, Micah Christiansen, conducted camp-like children’s meetings so their parents could attend the sessions without distraction. Our staff and church members worked hard to hold this conference. We thank the Lord for blessing us with a great week! We believe this conference made a difference in many current and future marriages!

School Expansion

In last month’s letter, we mentioned our plans to add a second floor to our school building. The original need was $60,000, which God has now provided! Praise the Lord! Donations and commitments have come in that are enough to cover this need. We thank the Lord for the individuals and churches whose hearts God touched to partner with us in this way. This is great news for the future of our school and Bible college.

Our Furlough

My family will be in the States until October 22. Please pray for our son James as he starts Bible college this month. Over the next two months, our family will be visiting family and supporting churches. We desire to be a help and blessing to many as we travel. Please pray for our capable team and church staff in Ghana as they keep things moving forward during our short furlough.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader

group photo

The Wednesday morning session of the 2021 Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference held at the Fundamental Baptist Church International of Kumasi Ghana

group photo

Senior Pastors who attended the 2021 Pastors’ and Workers’ Conference held at the Fundamental Baptist Church International of Kumasi, Ghana, August 10 – 13, 2021