Team Ghana Update: Blessings for a Village ChurchYour prayers and your interest in the ministry here in Ghana are a blessing to us!

Adwafo Preaching and Clothing Distribution

In December and January, our church members donated used clothing and other household items for us to distribute to people in need. On February 13, Brother Charles and Lindsey Osgood took a group of 25 of our church singles to distribute the clothing and preach the Gospel. They went to our daughter church in the village of Adwafo, pastored by our college graduate, Brother Collins Agyei. Adwafo is a small village about 45 miles outside of Kumasi. Pastor Agyei and his church members had invited those who live in Adwafo to the program.

When the group arrived in the village, they found the church building filled with people! Sixty adult and teen visitors had come, as well as about 40 children. They divided the visitors into small groups, and our church singles preached the Gospel to them. Many of the visitors trusted Christ as their Saviour! After they finished preaching to the visitors, our group shared the clothing and other items. The people of Adwafo were so happy and so thankful for what they received! They are very poor when it comes to money and material possessions. However, many of them will now spend eternity in Heaven! The Osgoods and the singles in the group had a wonderful time sharing the love of Christ with such precious people!

Prayer Requests

• Please pray that Pastor Collins will have wisdom and strength to follow up on all the visitors and to help them be established in the faith.
• Each month, we ask you to pray specifically for one of our team families. We hope you will read the Hall family’s most recent update at Rejoice with them in their victories, and please pray for their requests.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader