Team Ghana Update: A Special Message for Our Supporting ChurchesWe appreciate all of you who continue to give to your local church and to missions in spite of your financial sufferings. We have been amazed at not only the faithfulness of our supporting churches during this time but also at the generosity to give above and beyond.

I know that many of you, especially pastors, have had to make difficult decisions concerning church services. I am also aware that the decisions that you have made have not been “one size fits all,” nor should they be. You live in 50 different states, and your circumstances have varied greatly. For those of you who are having to stand up against misguided politicians, I thank you for your stand. You are not just standing up for yourselves, but the world will be influenced by your example. On our mission field, there is no culture of constitutional rights that support a freedom to assemble. We need your example as much as ever! Free American citizens are a gift to the whole world. In many respects, as America goes, so goes the world.

The population here is much more content to follow whatever the government mandates. We even have church leaders here who are in agreement with the shutdown of church services even though there has been very little effect from the Coronavirus in Ghana. It is very difficult to keep quiet, but we are guests in this country, and we believe it wise to act in accordance with that fact. The last thing we want to do is jeopardize our status in the country or to hurt our influence with the people.

Our missionary team has been able to meet together for church in our houses throughout this shutdown, and we thank God for that. However, our people are scattered with very little exposure to their church leaders and Christian fellowship. We thank God that we have a presence both on the TV and radio during this time. So many of our people are able to take advantage of those opportunities. However, we need to gather together!

We have had many blessings through this time. Many have been saved that we believe would not have been without these circumstances. We are able to visit, and we have stepped up our efforts in that regard. Because of COVID-19, we have birthed a radio ministry that is reaching many in our region. We are having people call us from a wide radius. We are determined to keep that going after the shutdown is over. Regarding our TV ministry, we continue to lead as the number- one program in our time slot and have increased our reach with 16.75% of the viewing audience! We praise God for this!

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support! We are honored to serve here in Ghana!

God bless,

Ted Speer
Leader, Team Ghana