Team Ghana Update:  A Great Tool for God in KumasiOne-Year Anniversary in New Building

We thank the Lord once again for giving us our new auditorium to meet in. Our first service in this building was on Christmas Day 2013. Now our auditorium is fully functional with lights, fans, PA, windows, doors, and baptistery. This has truly been a great tool for the work of God here in Kumasi. Our average Sunday morning attendance for 2014 was 626.




Funeral for a Faithful Member

In Ghana most funerals are not church funerals. Funerals are usually a huge, all-day, outdoor gathering of friends and family of the deceased. Loud rock music, alcohol, and dancing are commonplace in these funerals. The influence of the Gospel at such funerals is extremely limited.

At the beginning of November, one of our faithful church members, Ama Serwaah, passed away. I was very pleased when her family asked for our church to hold a Christian funeral service for her in our auditorium. Well over 400 people attended this funeral. I truly believe this family was comforted by the music and sermon in a way they would not have been in a typical Ghanaian funeral. I preached the Gospel, and at the invitation dozens of hands were raised indicating their desire to put their faith in Christ.

Christmas Day

Once again this year, our church held a Christmas Day service. The Christmas story was told through Scripture reading and through song. Many of our church members were involved in the program. At the end of the program, an invitation was given, and several came forward requesting that someone show them from the Bible how to know for sure they would go to Heaven. Later in the day, our team of missionaries gathered at my home for a delightful time of fellowship. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas Day!

Thank you again for your prayers and support for our team families.

Yours for souls,

Ted Speer
Team Leader